symbol- Beast -evil that resides within man.-fear, superstition
symbol- Ralph law, order, organized society and moral integrity.
symbol- Jack (and tribe) anarchy.
symbol- Piggy knowlegde and morality.
symbol- Piggy’s specs slow and inescapable descent into anarchy and evil
symbol- Conch -the high hand of authority-Civilized authority, democracy
symbol- Signal Fire -commonsence and resure from immorality-hope
symbol- Lord of the flies -Beast’s danger and power
symbol- Plane Crash Failure or breakdown of society in the world outside; spread of corrupting ides
symbol- Forest Scar path of destruction throught the forest, caused by the crashing plane, appears to represent that encroachment of corrupt civilization on the pristine island
symbol- Island Before:the garden of EdenAfter: the corrupted world of humankind
symbol- Dead parachutist the beast
symbol- Big Boys emerging generation of evil
symbol-Little boys the next gereration of evil
symbol- Jack and Ralph perhaps cain and abel
symbol- Killing of the first pig Original sin
symbol- Killing of the second pig Release of perverted urges
symbol- Jack’s knife and sticks and spears weapon of war in the macrocosmic world; representations of maculine aggression
symbol- Impaled pig’s head evil in every man’s heart(lord of the flies)
symbol- glasses of piggy and piggy himself insight wisdom knowledgement
symbol- Chanting and Dancing Blind emotion, loss of reason
Name- Simon listener; rejected Christ-like figure; reconizes it as “only us; killed before revelation made known
Name- Ralph council; holds meeting to foster togetherness and leaderness
Name- Jack one who supplants; attempts to take over by force
Name- Piggy ment to also represent that pigs on the island who are slaughtered by jack’s crew
Name- Samneric incapable of acting independently of one another, they act as one; names blend as together as novel progresses and they lose identity through fear of the beast
Represents- Scar eveil brought to the island; the fall of man
Represents- Island paradse- garden of eden; has everything boys could need- fruit fish fresh water
Represents- Conch prliamentary order
Represents- Piggy’s glasses intelligent rational thought; a sign of supposedly civilized world
Represents- Huts civilization and the civilized life of the group
Represents- Fire rescue and hope
Represents- Jungle the dark side of man; the darkness of the human spirit
Represents- Painted Faces cover up for doing evil; act as masks; hide identities
Represents- Parachutist evil that has triuphed in the adult world; sign from the grownups
Represents- Lordof the flies evil; supersition; fear; the sin of gluttony associated with beezlebub; he rules over excessive eating and drinking
Represents- BEAST begins as fear within littluns; then parachutists; then head of dead pig; becomes emblem of evil society on land; irrational fear leads to savagery

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