Lord of the Flies Vocabulary Chapter 4-7

Opalescence (p. 58) Having a milky brightness
Mirage An optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions
Whimper Cry weakly or softly
Croon (p. 61) To sing softly
Preposterous (p. 62) Ridiculous, senseless
Caper (p. 64) Gay or light-hearted recreational activity for diversion or amusement
Incredulously (p. 66) With doubt or disbelief
Irrelevance Being unrelated to the subject
Implication A meaning that is not expressly stated but can be inferred
Shrill Utter a cry
Malevolent (p. 71) Wishing or appearing to wish evil to others
Gyration (p. 72 Ralph’s lips gyrated) Vibrating
Obscure (p. 76) Not clearly understood or expressed
Opaque (p. 72) Not transparent
Gnaw (p. 73) Bite or chew on with the teeth
Scowl (p. 81) A facial expression of dislike or displeasure
Jabber (p. 84) Chatter rapidly or unintelligibly
Jeer (p. 87) Laugh at with contempt and derision
Indigo (p. 88) A blue-violet color
Formulate (p. 90) Put into words or an expression
Mimicry (p. 91) Imitation
Inarticulate (p. 94) Incomprehensible; unable to speak with clarity
Gibbering (p. 94) Making meaningless noises
Improvisation (p. 76) Produce or make (something) from whatever is available
Squawk (p. 99) Utter a harsh abrupt scream
Bristle (p. 100) Be in a state of movement or action
Relentless Unyielding
Jumble (p. 109) An unorganized pile
Dun (p. 109) Dull, grayish brown
Covert (p. 111) A covering that serves to conceal or shelter something
Infinite Never ending
Snivel Cry or whine with snuffling
Uncompromising (p. 109) Not making concessions
Infuriating Causing anger or outrage
Sagely Wisely
Blunder (p. 121) Make one’s way clumsily or blindly

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