Lord of the Flies Vocab

efflorescence Definition: blooming of flowers, state of floweringSentence: It was clear to the bottom and bright with efflorescence.
enmity Definition: deep seated hatred; State of being an enemySentence: I have an enmity towards homework
decorous Definition: exhibiting appropriate behavior or conductSentence: Charlotte gave David a decorous kiss
chorister Definition: a singer or leader of a choirSentence: Haris was the chorister for all of 10th grade.
bastion Definition: a stronghold or fortification; similar to a strongholdSentence: I felt safe now that I was inside the bastion
hiatus Definition: a gap or interruption in continuity; a break or pauseSentence: There was a brief hiatus in the war with France
ebullience Definition: zestful or spirited enthusiasmSentence: The ebullience of happy children is unlike anything else.
recrimination Definition: the act of accusing in return; opposing another chargeSentence: No recriminations shall be allowed
tumult Definition: commotion of a great crowd; disorderSentence: The tumult was unbearable.
tirade Definition: a long angry or violent speech; a diatribeSentence: Ramsey’s tirade made no sense
oppressive Definition: using power unjustly; burdensomeSentence: Saddam Hussein’s oppressive rule over Iraq was injust
inscrutable Definition: difficult to understand, mysteriousSentence: George Lucas always made Yoda inscrutable.
vicissitudes Definition: a change or variation; unexpected changes in lifeSentence: her husband’s sharp vicissitudes of fortune
declivities Definition: downward slopes, as of a hillSentence: If you’re standing at the top of a hill looking down to the bottom, you’re staring down a declivity, a downward slope of any kind.
tacit Definition: not spoken; implied by actions or statementsSentence: your silence may be taken to mean tacit agreement

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