Lord of the Flies Unit Test

Ralph handsome, athletic, natural leader, doesn’t use his leadership qualities well
Piggy intelligent, not very active, voice of reason for most of the novel
Simon philosophical, spiritual, sensitive loner, “knows” things about the boys and the island.
Jack choir leader, falls quickly into savagery
Samneric Twins, raped by Roger
Roger a choir boy with a natural tendency to cruelty
Littluns numerous small children of the group
Conch shell a symbol of authority and civilization on the island
Hunters have a job to find food, consist of the choir boys
Failure to lead Ralph is not using his natural leadership abilities in a way that is in the best interests of the whole group
Fire goes out the hunters are more concerned with hunting which causes this to happen
Face paint becomes a way for Jack to blot out his identity and become a savage
Beast Simon tries to explain to the boys that the beast is actually inside the boys
Brutality Roger’s actions towards the pig illustrate this trait
Irony Jack sets the fire to smoke out Ralph and it actually ends up saving them all
Lord of the Flies Pig’s head on a stick, symbol of evil and the breakdown of civilization
Human Nature Thoughts, behaviors, and desires inherent in humans, Golding believed all humans would revert to evil given the right opportunity
Chaos a state of utter confusion and disorder
Power and Control a theme which explores the dynamics of power and control in the characters of LOTF
Morality A theme which explores how morals and values are shown and lost in the LOTF
Robert injured when the game, kill the pig, goes brutually wrong
Acrid Strong and sharp
Compelled forced or driven
Corpulent fat, stout, large
Enterprise A project undertaken
Impervious incapable of being injured or affected
Parried warded off
Rebuke to reprimand, express disapproval
Ludicrous absurd, ridiculous
Talisman a trinket or piece of jewelry thought to be a protection against evil
Loiter To linger aimlessly
Crestfallen dejected, dispirited, discouraged
Fervor great warmth/easnestness or sincerity of feeling
Inarticulate lacking the ability to express oneself
Ineffectual having no effect

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