Lord of the Flies Test

Whose responsibility is it to maintain the first signal fire?(A) Piggy’s(B) The hunters'(C) Sam and Eric’s(D) The littluns’ B
What powers does Jack ascribe to the beast after Simon’s murder?(A) Immortality and the power to change shape(B) Telepathy and the power to change shape(C) Immortality and telepathy(D) Enormous strength and murderous cunning A
How does the first boy disappear?(A) Roger crushes him with a boulder.(B) The other boys kill him with their bare hands.(C) A boar gores him.(D) He burns to death when the signal fire ignites the forest. D
Who is the first boy to disappear?(A) Piggy(B) Simon(C) Clark(D) A littlun D
Where does the beast go during the day, according to one littlun?(A) Into the ocean(B) Into the air(C) Into the fire(D) Into the caves near the Castle Rock A
Who sees the dead parachutist first?(A) Ralph(B) Sam and Eric(C) Jack(D) Piggy B
Which character speaks to the Lord of the Flies?(A) Phil(B) Ralph(C) Piggy(D) Simon D
What lures the navy ship to the island?(A) The fire in the jungle(B) The roar of the beast(C) The signal fire(D) The shortwave radio A
Whom does Jack strike shortly after his first kill?(A) Ralph(B) Francis(C) Piggy(D) Roger C
When Piggy is killed, what else is destroyed?(A) The shortwave radio(B) The conch shell(C) The Lord of the Flies(D) The signal fire B
What is Ralph’s first act upon being elected leader?(A) Planning the building of the signal fire(B) Naming Piggy his chief advisor(C) Naming Simon the leader of the mystics(D) Naming Jack the leader of the hunters D
What object does Ralph clutch when he talks about Simon’s murder?(A) The sow’s head(B) The conch shell(C) Piggy’s glasses(D) A spear B
Who is the only boy to kill someone on the island by himself?(A) Piggy(B) Jack(C) Roger(D) Robert C
What does Jack suggest the boys use as the “pig” in their dance-like reenactment of the hunt?(A) A littlun(B) Piggy(C) Ralph(D) A real pig A
Which boy treats the littluns with the most kindness?(A) Simon(B) Jack(C) Piggy(D) Ralph A
Which boy would rather hunt than build huts?(A) Simon(B) Jack(C) Piggy(D) Ralph B
Where is Jack’s tribe headquarters?(A) Next to Ralph’s(B) On the mountain of the beast(C) Deep in the jungle(D) At the Castle Rock D
What tool or tools do the boys use to make fire?(A) A flint and steel(B) Ralph’s tinderbox(C) Piggy’s glasses(D) Matches from the airplane C
What is the boys’ home country?(A) England(B) Australia(C) New Zealand(D) Canada A
Who kills Piggy?(A) Ralph(B) Roger(C) Sam and Eric(D) Simon B
What surrounds Simon’s body as it floats into the sea?(A) Sharks(B) Eels(C) A cloud of blood(D) Glowing fish D
Who knocks the Lord of the Flies to the ground?(A) Ralph(B) Roger(C) Simon(D) Piggy A
On what obstruction does the dead parachutist become tangled?(A) Tree limbs(B) Jagged rocks(C) The roof of the hut(D) The Castle Rock B
Who tells Jack where Ralph is hiding in Chapter 12?(A) Simon(B) Roger(C) A littlun(D) Sam and Eric D
Which boy does not dance at Jack’s first feast?(A) Simon(B) Ralph(C) Piggy(D) Jack A
Ralph uses what to summon the other boys?A. a bellB. a whistleC. a fireD. a conch shell D
Piggy suffers from what?A. insomniaB. diabetesC. asthmaD. blindness C
Jack and his “hunters” are actually what type of group?A. choirB. football teamC. juvenile delinquentsD. military school cadets A
The boys are stranded on an island where?A. the Caribbean SeaB. the Indian OceanC. the Pacific OceanD. the North Atlantic C
Who identifies the island as part of a Coral Reef?A. RalphB. JackC. PiggyD. Simon A
“Samneric” refers to what or whom?A. the islandB. the twinsC. the youngest boysD. the Lord of the Flies B
“Creepers” refers to what?A. vinesB. insectsC. wormsD. snakes A
Ralph’s father is what?A. a cartographer for the Scottish coast guardB. an officer in the English navyC. a pilot in the English air forceD. an advisor to Queen Elizabeth B
Piggy’s real name is actually what?A. GeraldB. LeslieC. PercivalD. none of the above D
Why do Jack and his hunters attack Ralph and Piggy?A. They want to take control over the fire.B. They want to steal Piggy’s glasses.C. They want to intimidate them into joining their tribe.D. They want to steal the conch. B
What is referred to in the line, “There was lightning and thunder and rain. We was scared!”A. The first day on the islandB. Finding the beastC. Jack and his huntersD. Simon’s murder D
Which character pretends to be a pig during the chant?EricRogerSimonMaurice B
According to Eric, what would be preferable to capture by Jack and his tribe?A. starvationB. capture by the RedsC. facing the beastD. never leaving the jungle B
Which character repeats the saying, “Sucks to your ass-mar”?A. JackB. SimonC. RogerD. Ralph D
Who worries that the other boys think that he is insane?A. SimonB. JackC. PercivalD. Piggy A
Who hesitates when the boys vote for chief, unsure whether to support Ralph?A. JackB. SimonC. RogerD. Piggy D
Ralph considers ______ the most important thing on the island.A. the fireB. avoiding the beastC. the conchD. food A
Which of the following characters is not held as a prisoner by Jack and his hunters?A. EricB. WilfredC. SamD. Piggy D
All of the following are locations on the island except which?A. the volcanoB. the scarC. the lagoonD. Castle Rock A
Jack jokes that they could actually kill _____ in place of a pig during their dance.A. SimonB. a “littlun”C. PiggyD. Ralph B
The conch shell can symbolize all of the following except:A. authoritarianismB. orderC. authorityD. democracy A
Which of the following characters has the strongest religious sensibility?A. JackB. SamnericC. PiggyD. Simon D
Which of the following is a direct Satanic symbol?A. The pig’s headB. The spear sharpened at both endsC. The pilotD. Percival A
Which event in human history does not have a direct parallel in Lord of the Flies?A. the move away from hunter-gatherer societiesB. the development of private propertyC. the discovery of fireD. the development of government A
Ralph best represents which aspect of human nature?A. intellectB. moral choiceC. spiritualityD. instinct B
Which of the following least represents Jack’s political philosophy as leader?A. communismB. anarchyC. totalitarianismD. militarism A
Which of the following does not represent civilized society?A. fire on the mountainB. Piggy’s glassesC. spear sharpened at both endsD. conch shell C
The descent from society into barbarism can be seen in all of the following symbols except _____A. the fire on the mountainB. Jack’s clothingC. face paintingD. Piggy’s glasses A
Piggy is best represented by which of the following objects?A. conch shellB. glassesC. candle-budsD. face paint B
The boys’ views of the beast suggest all of the following except _____A. slothB. fearC. evilD. violence A
Ralph symbolizes all of the following except _____A. moral choiceB. religiosityC. rule of lawD. civilization B
The “littluns” best represent which aspect of society?A. the weakB. the intelligentsiaC. the ruling classD. the military A
Which of the following is the best implication of the Navy cruiser?A. The Navy cruiser represents human technological progress.B. The Navy cruiser returns the boys to a state of innocence.C. The Navy cruiser is a symbol of the boys’ war.D. The Navy cruiser represents Ralph’s father. C
Which of the following does not represent evil in some form in Lord of the Flies?A. RogerB. JackC. the pig’s headD. Samneric D
Which character best represents an adult sensibility?A. RogerB. SimonC. PiggyD. Ralph C
“There’s nothing in it of course. Just a feeling. But you can feel as if you’re not hunting, but being hunted, as if something’s behind you all the time in the jungle.” Which is the best interpretation of this statement?A. Despite the lack of adult authority on the island, the boys cannot hide the consequences of their actions.B. There is an unseen beast on the island that threaten the boys.C. The only real threat to Jack is not another beast but his own suspicion and paranoia.D. Ralph suspects that he is being hunted by Jack and his choir. C
Which quote best illustrates Simon’s sensibility?A. “His mind was crowded with memories; memories of the knowledge that had come to them when they closed in on the struggling pig, knowledge that they had outwitted a living thing.”B. “The greatest ideas are the simplest. Now there was something to be done they worked with passion.”C. “He obeyed an instinct that he did not know he possessed and swerved over the open space.”D. “Evening was advancing toward the island; the sounds of bright fantastic birds, the bee-sounds, even the crying of the gulls that were returning to their roosts among the square rocks, were fainter.” D
Which statement by the Lord of the Flies best relates to Golding’s view of the nature of evil?A. “You are a silly little boy, just an ignorant, silly little boy.”B. “You’re not wanted. Understand? We are going to have fun on the island.”C. “You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you?”D. “There isn’t anyone to help you. Only me. And I’m the Beast.” C
Before he dies, Piggy asks “Which is better: to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?” Which of the events of the book does not illustrate this theme?A. A ship passes by the island.B. Simon leaves the others to travel alone in the jungle.C. Ralph and Simon struggle to build the shelters.D. Jack forms his own society apart from Ralph. B
“I should have thought that a pack of British boys would have been able to put up a better show than that” relates to which theme of the novel?A. the clash between civilization and savageryB. the nature of evilC. the need for parental authorityD. human instinct A
“Grownups know things. They ain’t afraid of the dark. They’d meet and have tea and discuss. Then things ‘ud be all right.” This line deals with all of the following themes except:A. inherent violence in human natureB. fear of the unknownC. sovereign restraint on behaviorD. need for order A
Which of the following best illustrates the maxim, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”?A. the sheltersB. the conch shellC. the pig’s headD. the pilot D
Based on the events and tone of the novel, which word best describes Golding’s approach to humanity?A.skepticalB. cynicalC. hopefulD. idealistic B
“These painted savages would go further and further. Then there was that indefinable connection between himself and Jack; who would therefore never let him alone; never.” Which interpretation best describes the significance of this quotation?A. Because Jack and Ralph are brothers, they cannot bring themselves to ignore one another.B. Evil and violence will always conquer order and justice, for Jack has no rules or morals he must obey.C. Golding constructs this passage as a definition of good and evil. Jack and Ralph are connected to one another because the “good” Ralph needs “evil” Jack to define him.D. This passage is in part a metaphor. Jack will never let Ralph alone because the evil within Jack is present within Ralph, as well as within all humanity D
The death of Simon illustrates all of the following themes except:A. fear of the unknown causes greater danger than the unknown itselfB. violence is a product of one’s upbringing in societyC. the boys are the agents of their own destructionD. humans act on violent instincts that they cannot control B
What is the best interpretation of Jack’s inability to kill the pig at the beginning of the novel?A. The pig escapes because it is more afraid of Jack than Jack is of killing the pig.B. Jack is only an innocent boy who must learn to become violent.C. Power corrupts. Jack will be able to kill as soon as he gains authority over the other boys.D. Jack obeys societal rules and regulations that discourage violence. D
Golding uses _______ several times to illustrate the thin line between man and beast.A. RogerB. SamnericC. PercivalD. Maurice D
Which of the following quotations best represents Golding’s interpretation of the events of Lord of the Flies?A. “Bathing. That’s the only thing to do.”B. “Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fall through the air of the true, wise friend called Piggy.”C. “I should have thought that a pack of British boys would have been able to put up a better show than that.”D. “Of course we’re frightened sometimes but we put up with being frightened. As for the fear–you’ll have to put up with that like the rest of us.” B
All of the following demonstrate the theme that human society requires communal effort and consideration except _____A. tending the fireB. the hunt for the beastC. building the sheltersD. Ralph’s rules for the lavatory B
The murder of Simon demonstrates Golding’s view that human violence is:A. preventableB. learned from experienceC. a quality particular to the BritishD. instinctive D
Ralph is elected chief mainly because he possesses A.the conch B. Piggy’s backing C. a knife D. inside knowledge of the island A
Jack is the only one who A. wears a black cloak B. forgets about rescue C. owns a knife D. is cruel to Piggy C
Jack’s triumph in capturing the first kill is ruined by A. his regret that Ralph did not accompany them B. letting the signal fire go out C. being wounded by the animal D. the death of one his hunters B
Ralph considers giving up his position as chief, but is advised not to by A. Samneric B. Piggy C. Jack D. Roger B
The “beast on the mountaintop” is actually A. a “snake-think” B. a pig’s head C. a dead parachutist D. Piggy C
Jack becomes leader of his tribe by A. on open election with the choir backing him B. stealing the conch from Ralph C. forcing Roger to join him D. leaving Ralph’s group and inviting the others to join him D
Moving the fire from the moutaintop to the beach is suggested by A. Ralph B. Piggy C. Simon D. Jack B
The Lord of the Flies is actually A. a pig’s head B. a dead parachutist C. Jack D. Piggy E. Simon A
The only one to actually climb the mountain is daylight and confront the beast is A. Jack B. Samneric C. Piggy D. Simon D
In the darkness the boys think they are killing the beast but it is actually A. Simon B. Piggy C. the littlun with the birthmark D. a huge sow (female pig) A
During the raid Piggy runs to protect (5 points) A. the littluns B. the conch C. Ralph D. Percival B
Wilfred is tied up and beaten because A. Jack ordered it B. he fell asleep on guard duty C. he refused to betray Ralph D. he let the fire go out A
Piggy insists on visiting Jack’s tribe to A. start a signal fire on the mountaintip B. join the tribe C. destroy them D. get back his glasses D
At this visit Jack orders the capture of A. Simon B. Piggy C. Wilfred D. samneric D
A huge rock destroys Piggy along with A. Simon B. his glasses C. the conch D. the sow C
If captured Ralph knows his fate will be A. being tied up and beaten B. death–and a stick sharpened at both ends C. death-being pushed off the mountain top D. death-being crushed by a rock B
Piggy is killed by A. Roger B. Jack C. Samneric D. Ralph A
Ralph’s hiding place is betrayed by A. his footprints B. Wilfred C. Samneric D. his sneeze C
Ironically, Ralph’s life is saved by A. the help of boys who had previously betrayed him B. smoke intended to force him out C. Jack’s inability to actually kill him D. Roger’s conscience B
When asked who is chief on the island A. Jack says he is B. Ralph says he is C. Roger says he is D. all the boys remain silent B
In the beginning of the book, a ______ was found that was later used to summon the littluns.A. blow hornB. conch shellC. ceramic bottleD. model ship with a noisy sail B
At the beginning of the novel, Jack appears to be the leader/ruler of _____.A. a flock of birdsB. a ring of snakesC. a group of girlsD. a choir of boys D
What was the first meal that the boys had on the island?A. Fruit from the treesB. A pig roasted on a fireC. Strange mulberries found in an overgrown bushD. Lettuce leaves A
Which of the following is one of the rules that Ralph established in the beginning of the novel? Why was this rule made?A. The only way someone may speak is if they are holding the conch; to establish orderB. The only people who may start fires are Jack and Simon; to keep from harming the littlunsC. The fire is to be kept on the beach and made by Piggy’s glasses; The fire should be close by and made orderly so as not to get out of controlD. No littluns may leave the camp fire after 7:00; to protect the littluns and make them feel safe A
_____ says that shelters, not fires, are the most important things that need to be made.A. SamnericB. PiggyC. RogerD. All the boys except Jack B
In the novel, Ralph most frequently shows _____.A. the most intelligence of any of the boys on the islandB. moral responsibility, common sense, and kindnessC. the violent, sociopathic tendencies of murderersD. a hatred of the world for its horrible condition B
7. In the novel, Piggy most frequently shows _____.A. vast knowledge, intelligence, and wisdomB. poor planning, cruelty, and impulsive actionsC. anger and short-tempered behaviorD. elitist mentality and pompous behavior A
How does the boy with the mulberry-colored birthmark die?A. He is crushed by a rock that is pushed by Roger, which also destroys the conch shellB. He suffocates after opening his mouth in waterC. He is killed by a fire that gets out of controlD. While helping Ralph, he falls off Castle Rock C
Near the end of the novel, Ralph decides not to sleep by himself in an empty shelter. When he makes this decision, where does he go to seep?A. Castle RockB. The BeachC. One of the huts that were madeD. The underwater shelter made from rocks and seaweed A
How many shelters are made in total?A. OneB. TwoC. ThreeD. Four C
Ralph and Jack both want fire for different reasons. Ralph wants fire because _______.A. it will signal for help and it symbolizes hopeB. fire causes smoke, which causes less fumigation of the islandC. fire is one of Ralph’s secret obsessionsD. Ralph desires the ability to cook food via the use of fire A
What is Simon’s nickname for the plants of the forest?A. Relic weedsB. Candle budsC. Violet sproutsD. Still lives B
Roger kicks over several sand castles and throws rocks at _______.A. some fishB. some birdsC. HenryD. Jack C
When Jack and Ralph go to the mountaintop to see the beast, Jack _______.A. is petrified with fearB. slays the beastC. hides behind a bush until the beast flies into the air and makes a horrible cryD. realizes that the beast is nothing more than a casualty of war A
Which of the following was not killed by (or as a result of) Jack’s actions?A. A sow that was nursing her pigletsB. The Lord of the FliesC. SimonD. Ralph D
Why was the severed sow’s head (and the title of the book) called the Lord of the Flies?A. Literally, the pig was called this because flies swarmed around its head. However, symbolically, it was used to symbolize Satan, whose nickname is Lord of the Flies.B. Simon was smelly, and attracted flies to himself and to the pigs head, thus garnering the name.C. The term refers theologically to the angels, who represent the humanity and beauty of the island.D. The pig represented two of Jack’s desires: to murder, and to play with bugs. This shows the fulfillment of Jack’s longing, and thus, his happiness. A
How was the Lord of the Flies killed?A. It was roastedB. A knife was used to kill itC. It died in the fireD. It was crushed by a rock B
Who is Samneric?A. A set of twins who speak in nearly perfect unisonB. A littlun who ends up betraying Jack at the end of the novelC. A friend of Simon who is eventually killed by a fire that gets out of controlD. A child who has been on the island for over twenty-two days without food A
Which of the following is a tactic employed by Jack in order to try to kill Ralph?A. The use of spies that told Jack everything that Ralph plannedB. The use of camouflage that prevented Ralph from seeing JackC. Jack stalked Ralph during the night when it was hard to seeD. Jack used fire to try to smoke Ralph out of his hiding place D
Who is Merridew?A. SamnericB. HenryC. RalphD. Jack D
How does Piggy die?A. Ralph kills him with a vineB. Roger kills him with a stoneC. Jack kills him with a knifeD. He died when he and Ralph both try to use the conch shell at once B
Which of the following characters frequently shows brute force and wavering loyalty?A. RalphB. RogerC. PiggyD. Samneric B
Who said: “We want to have fun. And we want to be rescued.”A. PiggyB. RalphC. Simon B
Who is described: “[He] was a bore; his fat, his matter-of-fact ideas were dull: but there was always a little pleasure to be got by pulling his leg.”A. RalphB. RogerC. Piggy C
Who is described: “The mask compelled them”A. JackB. PiggyC. Simon A
Who is this said to: “Understand? We are going to have fun on this island!”A. PiggyB. RalphC. Simon C
Who said: “Which is better – to have rules and to agree, or to hunt and kill?”A. SimonB. PiggyC. Jack B
Who said: “See? See? That’s what you’ll get! I meant that! There isn’t a tribe for you any more! The conch is gone!”A. JackB. RalphC. Piggy A
Who: “[He] wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart”A. SimonB. JackC. Ralph A
Who said: “A thing was crawling out of the forest. It came darkly, uncertainly.”A. SimonB. RalphC. Piggy B
What physical issue does Piggy struggle with while on the island? (multiple answers)A. Seizure disorderB. Poor VisionC. AsthmaD. Food allergiesE. Sensitive skin B and C
Which character comes up with the idea of blowing the conch to call the boys together?A. RalphB. JackC. PiggyD. SimonE. Roger C
After being elected cheif, Ralph leaves Jack in charge of his choir. What task does Jack assign to the choir?A. Keeping the signal fire goingB. Building sheltersC. HuntingD. Gathering fruitE. Filling the coconut shells with water C
What do Ralph, Jack and Simon do when they encounter a large boulder during their first exploration of the island?A. They climb up on it to get a better view.B. They attempt to move it, since it is blocking the entrance to a cave.C. They turn back, since it lies directly in their path.D. They push it off a cliff.E. None of the above. They do not encounter a boulder. D
Who comes up with the idea of using the conch to decide who talks during meetings?A. RalphB. JackC. PiggyD. SimonE. Roger A
How do the boys start their first fire?A. Piggy offers his glasses to focus light/create heat.B. The boys take Piggy’s glasses to focus light/create heat.C. Jack and Roger figure out how to create heat by rubbing two sticks together.D. A lightning strike creates fire and the boys simply use it.E. Simon miraculously finds matches in his pocket. B
What is the result of the boys’ first fire? (multiple answers)A. A child is killed.B. There isn’t much of a result–the fire dies quickly.C. The fire burns out of control.D. A ship sails by and the crew sees the smoke.E. The boys are able to cook shellfish. A and C
Who does most of the work on the shelters? (multiple answers)A. RalphB. JackC. PiggyD. SimonE. Roger A and D
What does Roger do when he encounters three littluns playing on the beach? (multiple answers)A. He kicks their sandcastles.B. He hits them with rocks.C. He throws rocks at them, but misses.D. He tells them to go use the rocks by the shore.E. He sits down to play with them for a few minutes. A and C
What does Jack do to increase his chances of killing a pig?A. He adds barbs to his spear.B. He paints his face.C. He traps a piglet and uses it to attract an adult pig.D. He sets fire to the place where the pigs sleep.E. He decides to tackle and stab the pigs rather than spearing them. B
What happens while Jack and his hunters are out killing their first pig?A. Ralph and Simon are building shelters.B. Piggy is having an asthma attack.C. A ship is passing by the island.D. A dogfight is taking place overhead.E. A storm is brewing. C
Who absolutely refuses to acknowledge the possibility of a “beast” when it comes up during a meeting? (multiple answers)A. RalphB. JackC. PiggyD. SimonE. Roger A and C
What falls from the sky in the chapter, “Beast from Air”, and where does it land?A. A plane, in the oceanB. A plane, on the mountainC. A person, on castle rockD. A person, on the mountainE. A comet, on the beach D
What important quote does Simon utter to Ralph as the boys are hiking toward the mountain to find The Beast?A. “You’ll get back alright.”B. “Jack is a killer.”C. “We want to have a good time.”D. “I’m frightened.”E. “They’ll do you, see? Do you.” A
After Jack declares himself independent of the group and invites the others to join him, who stays with Ralph on the beach? (multiple answers)A. PiggyB. SamnEricC. SimonD. RogerE. Maurice A,B, and C
Where do Jack and his group set up camp after separating from Ralph and company?A. On Castle RockB. On top of the mountainC. In the jungleD. At the other end of the beachE. Nowhere–they become nomads. A
Which is not true of the pig hunt that Jack and company conduct after leaving Ralph?A. The boys target a mother pig.B. The boys wound a piglet.C. The boys kill the pig in the most efficient fashion possible.D. The boys leave the pig’s head for the beast.E. All of the above are true. C
What revelation/event is foreshadowed in Simon’s conversation with the Lord of the Flies? (multiple answers)A. Ralph will get home safely.B. The Beast is not an animal.C. Simon is in danger.D. The Beast is a dead parachutist.E. The boys are more worried about having fun than they are about being rescued. B,C, and E
What does Simon do as a result of his solo trip up the mountain? (multiple answers)A. He finds the parachutist.B. He frees the parachutist from the rocks.C. He falls down the mountainside.D. He has a seizure.E. He goes to tell the boys about the “Beast”. A,B, and E
Which boy is least likely to have had a hand in Simon’s death?A. RalphB. PiggyC. JackD. SamE. Eric B
How do Jack and company start their fire on top of castle rock?A. They steal burning wood from Ralph’s fire.B. They finally figure out how to rub two sticks together.C. They steal Piggy’s glasses.D. They take burning wood from a fire caused by a lightning strike.E. They have lost all desire for rescue, so they don’t bother with a fire. C
Why do Ralph, Piggy, Sam, and Eric travel to Castle rock?A. They want to reconcile with Jack and become one tribe again.B. They are hungry.C. They want to attack castle rock.D. They want to get Piggy’s glasses back.E. They want to assassinate Jack. D
What is the end result of Ralph and company’s confrontation with Jack and his hunters? (multiple answers)A. The conch is broken.B. Ralph is injured.C. Roger is injured.D. Piggy is killed.E. SamnEric are taken prisoner. A,B,D, and E
How do the savages attempt to drive Ralph out of hiding in order to kill him? (multiple answers)A. They set fire to the bushes to flush him out.B. They attempt to lure him with food.C. They roll boulders into the bushes to crush him/flush him out.D. They form a line and sweep the island to find him.E. They guard water sources to make sure they he either gets caught or dies of thirst. A,C, and D
How does Ralph ultimately escape the hunters and death?A. He jumps into the ocean and swims out of desperation.B. He runs onto the beach, where he meets up with boys who have defected from Jack’s tribe.C. He runs onto the beach, where he encounters a naval officer.D. Simon’s ghost guides him to safety.E. He does not escape. C
What do the boys have that is the symbol of authority in the society they form? A. A conch shell B. A British flag C. A Bible D. A whale jaw bone A
Who are the hunters, and what is their job? A. The littluns; looking for ships and planes B. Samneric; killing dangerous animals C. The choirboys; getting food D. Simon, Piggy, Ralph; governing the boys C
Although Ralph criticizes the boys for their lack of cooperation, does he bear some of the responsibility for the failures of the group to achieve its goals? A. Ralph is partially responsible. He has the desire to bring civilization, but lacks the competence to do so. He believes life is too much like a story- book. B. Ralph is not responsible at all. He has done all he could to get the boys to cooperate, and they have chosen not to. C. Ralph bears a large part of the responsibility. He is not using his natural leadership abilities in a way that is in the best interests of the whole group. D. Ralph bears only a very small part of the responsibility. He is really much too shy and fearful to be able to organize the boys. A
After Maurice and Roger destroy the littluns’ sand castles, Roger stalks the young boy named Henry. When he begins to throw stones, why does Roger just throw near Henry instead of directly at him? A. Roger is scared off by a noise in the jungle behind him. B. Roger is afraid that the littluns will hit back. C. Maurice tells Roger he will beat him up if he hits any of the littluns. D. The old laws of school, church, and family still hold him back. D
What causes the hunters, who had promised to keep the fire burning, to neglect it and allow it to go out? A. They become more interested in trying to build a canoe. B. They are becoming more savage, and can only think about hunting. C. They think that the other boys will get over their fear of the dark better if there is no light at all for a few nights. D. They are inexperienced and don’t really know how to keep it burning. B
Why does Jack paint his face? A. The paint protects his sensitive skin from the sun. B. He thinks it will cheer up the others. C. He uses the paint as a mask to blot out his real self and become a savage. D. He tries to scare the littluns into obeying him. C
Compare Ralph’s treatment of the littluns with Jack’s.A. Ralph tries to calm their fears and give them a sense of security. Jack intimidates and frightens them. B. Ralph treats them harshly, thinking it is for their own good. Jack protects them and makes sure they have enough to eat. C. Ralph is kind and understanding. Jack fears the littluns will like Ralph better, so he tries to win them by being kinder than Ralph, although it is a false kindness. D. Neither Ralph nor Jack have much experience with younger children. They soon tire of the littluns’ immaturity and ignore them. A
What is Simon saying when he thinks the “beast” may be inside the boys themselves? A. They have eaten some poisoned meat. B. None of them are really human. C. The dark side of the human personality can destroy mankind. D. It is all in their imaginations. C
To what does Ralph’s demonstration of his hunting prowess lead? A. It re-establishes him as the leader, and the boys rekindle the signal fire. B. It makes the littluns afraid of him and they run and hide. C. Jack realizes Ralph’s strength and vows to fight him. D. The boys go into a hunting frenzy and begin jabbing and poking at Robert. D
How does Jack overthrow Ralph’s authority? A. Jack gets the boys to vote Ralph out of office. B. Jack tells the others he is the oldest, and the oldest should rule. C. Jack announces he won’t play anymore, and goes off by himself. D. Jack challenges Ralph to a spear-throwing contest and wins. C
What is the meaning of the Lord of the Flies’ message to Simon? A. Evil is a trait inside of man. B. Dreams can be more powerful than reality. C. It is unhealthy to eat uncooked meat. D. If they ignore the beast it will go away. A
Who or what is the Lord of the Flies? A. It is the name they have given the dead pilot. B. It is a large, poisonous insect that thrives on the island. C. It is a game the littluns play to pass the time. D. It is the sow’s head, and represents evil. D
What happens to Simon when he returns to the group? A. He keeps quiet because he knows they won’t believe him. B. He joins in the dance and becomes evil himself. C. He tells Ralph the truth, and then goes off to live alone. D. The hunters kill him before he can tell them anything. D
What happens to the conch and Piggy? A. Piggy steals the conch and escapes into the jungle. B. They are both eaten by a wild boar. C. Piggy saves the conch but loses his glasses. D. They are both shattered by the huge boulder. D
How is Ralph saved in the end? A. The littluns push *** ** the mountain top into the sea. B. He is stronger than Jack and defeats him. C. He swims to the safety of another island. D. A British naval officer finds him D
Why do Jack and a group of his tribe steal into Ralph’s camp in Chapter 10?A. To steal fire.B. To steal food.C. To steal Piggy’s glasses.D. To steal clothing C
Who tells Ralph that Jack plans to hunt him?A. Roger.B. Samneric.C. Simon.D. Piggy. B
What do the boys use to light the signal fire?A. Someone’s matches.B. Electrical connections from the plane.C. A lighter.D. Piggy’s glasses. D
Why do Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric go to Jack’s camp in Chapter 11?A. To confront Jack over the theft.B. To ask to become tribe members.C. To borrow fire.D. To ask for meat. A
What clothing causes the choir to stand out from the others?A. Their shorts.B. Capes and hats.C. Identical black sweaters.D. Badges on their sweaters. B

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