Lord of the Flies Symbolism, Conflicts, and Theme

Simon Jesus Christ; He is pure and he is killed by trying to help others
Ralph Man kind and Civilization; He makes mistakes but tries to do the right thing, he is not savage
Piggy Intelect, Democracy, Intelligence, Order, Grown Ups, Maturity; He is wise and tries to use reason to make the best decisions for the group
Samneric Unity, Same; Together they are united as one and work together as a team
Jack Savagery, Evil, Anarchy; He craves power and wants to be the leader. He does not use reason and becomes savage.
Roger Pure Evil; He is completely overcome with evil and is just twisted.
Littluns Followers, Ignorance, Society, Morality; They do not think for themselves and follow the leaders blindly without using reason.
The island The World
The Conch Order, Democracy
Parachutist Breakdown of Civilization, Possibly unknown fear
Beastie Evil inside everybody
Piggy’s Glasses Hope, Life, Clear Sidedness, Intelligence, Social Order
Pig’s Head Satan, The Devil, Pure Evil, The Lord of the Flies
Man vs. Man conflicts Ralph vs. Jack; Hunters vs. Civilized; Jack vs. Piggy
Man vs. Society conflicts Ralph vs. Hunters; Jack vs. Democracy
Man vs. Nature conflicts Boys vs. Storm; Hunters vs. Pigs; Boys vs. Island
Man vs. Self conflicts Boys vs. Lord of the Flies; Simon vs. Lord of the Flies
What is the theme? Civilization vs. Savagery; Loss of Innocence

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