Lord of the Flies Study Guide Questions Ch. 1-6

What caused “the long scar smashed into the jungle”? The plane crashing, also symbolic to show that humans mess everything up
From Ralph’s physical description, what might the reader infer about what type of person he is? He is described as “fair” and “golden”, athletic, looks like a potential leader
Why does Ralph believe his father will rescue the boys? his father is a Naval Officer
Why does Piggy negate the possibility of Ralph’s father rescuing the boys? Piggy says that nobody knows where they are
Whose idea is it to use the conch to call a meeting? Piggy
Who are the men with megaphones? The people on the plane helping the evacuation take place
How is the motif of darkness used? represents uncertainty, fear, etc.
Physical description of Jack? Angry eyes, red hair=fiery, sounds like a rich kid, bossy, snobby
Who possesses the voice of one who knows his own mind? Jack; this means he knows what he believes, knows himself well
What is the name of the boy who faints? Simon
What are the reasons the narrator gives for why Ralph is chosen as chief? He blew the conch and is holding it, looks chiefly
What do Ralph, Jack, and Simon discover about the island? It is shaped like a boat, which is ironic because a boat would be something useful for their rescue, also “all in the same boat”
Why does Jack hesitate at his first opportunity to kill a pig? He is scared to end the pig’s life
What rule is established for speaking during meetings? Whoever is holding the conch is allowed to speak
What do you think the snake thing or beastie that the young boy is so frightened about is? fear of the unknown, unsure at this point
What is the importance of having a fire atop the mountain? To signal with smoke for a potential rescue
What upsets Piggy about the fire? It gets out of control and burns down the forest
What is the source of Jack’s frustration in the jungle? He can’t manage to kill a pig because the spears have no barbs
What is the source of Ralph’s frustration on the beach? No one except Simon will help build shelters
What can you determine about Simon’s characteristics/personality? kindhearted, shy, peacemaker, hardworking
What is the madness that is referred to? Jack’s desire to kill
What is the nature of the conflict between Ralph’s desire to maintain the fire and Jack’s desire to hunt? civilization vs. primeval desires what you need vs. what you want
Where does Simon go during the argument between Ralph and Jack? Why do you think he does so? to a little hidden area shielded by leaves, to sit and think, appreciate the beauty of the island
What are some common characteristic of the littluns? young (6,7,8 etc) scared, whiny, cry a lot
What is the “taboo of the old life” referred to in Chapter 4? Roger is holding onto the old rules of England that prevent him from throwing rocks directly at Henry, but England is ruins
How does the face paint affect Jack? He hides behind it and makes him feel more powerful and confident
What particular physical characteristic noted sets Piggy apart from the others? His hair never seems to grow
What particular characteristic set Piggy apart socially? What is the significance of Piggy’s different accent? His asthma, he’s boring, his accent makes him an outsider
Who is responsible for letting the fire go out? Jack and his hunters
What do you think Simon “sees” that makes him afraid? evil and savagery starting to develop in the boys
Find the quote in Chapter 4 that describes the inherent conflict on the island. “There was the brilliant world of hunting, tactics, fierce exhilaration, skill; and there was the world of longing and baffled commonsense” (I think)
How does Ralph “assert his cheiftainship”? by scolding Jack for letting the fire go out and being silent when Jack tried to defend himself
Why do you think Ralph decides to call a meeting at the end of Chapter 4? to try to restablish order; to establish his power over Jack
What is Ralph’s “new mood of comprehension”? stress, tired of being a leader, thinks about everything so he can understand it
What specific items does Ralph attempt to address at this meeting? Stop messing around and help with shelters, keep the fire going, don’t use the bathroom near the fruit trees, cocunut shells filled with water, only fire on mountain
Why do you think the boys resist such attempts to create order? Don’t want “grownup” rules, want to have fun and play
What does Ralph say is the “most important thing on the island”? The fire: getting rescued
How do the boys attempt to “decide” on “fear”? Why is this important? talk about fear; because if the boys are no longer afraid they will work better and harder
Who or what is the beast? What different forms does the beast take in the boys’ minds? a supposed animal that hides on the island; thought of as ghost, snake, gorilla, squid, something from the air, or human nature
What does Piggy have to say about fear? it’s not rational to be afraid of things with science and doctors, the only thing there really is to be afraid of is ourselves and other people
What does Phil believe he has seen at night? What does this have to do with Simon? Phil believes to have seen a snake or something moving in the trees; Simon was out at night walking in the jungle to go to his meditation spot
What kind of beast does Percival claim to have seen? a beast from the sea
What kind of beast does Simon believe to exist? What does this have to do with “mankind’s essential illness”? an abstract beast that is evil and cruelty from the human mind and personality; mankind’s essential illness is cruelty and greed, etc.
Do you agree with Ralph that “the rules are the only thing we’ve got”? Without rules, society collapses into brutal savagery and chaos
Why does Piggy want Ralph to continue being the chief? Why do you think Simon tells Ralph to continue being the chief? Ralph stood up for Piggy against Jack and if Jack were chief he would be a tyrant. Piggy and Simon are outsiders and the kind of heart and will not survive if tyranny takes over
What is ironic about the boys’ belief in grownups and their ability to fix things? Because of the grownups’ war, the boys are stranded on this island and also grownups cannot always fix things; would probably act similarly
What is the “sign” from the grownup world that is foreshadowed in Chapter 5? dogfight of two planes above the island; dead parachutist; shows how faulty adults are
What is the “battle” referred to at the beginning of Chapter 6? What is the sign from the grownup world? dogfight, dead parachutist
What do Sam and Eric see on the mountain? The dead parachutist, but they think it’s the beast
Why does Jack tell Ralph that they do not need the conch anymore? Jacks says that by now they should know who’s important enough to talk and who should just shut up
Why does Simon picture the beast as “a human at once heroic and sick”? he knows that the beast is within human nature; that man can be kind and “heroic” but also “sick” and cruel
Who or what is the “leviathan” referred to in Chapter 6? the lagoon
Why are Jack and the hunters attracted to the “fort”? they are boys, want to make fort and play

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