Lord of the Flies Short Answer Questions

What are the ages of the boys on the plane? They range from age 6 to 12
Where does the plane crash? The plane crashes on an uninhabited island.
Which two boys finds the conch on the island? Piggy and Ralph
Which boy is the leader of the choir? (Last name needed) Jack Merridew
Which boy is voted leader over the entire company of boys? Ralph is voted leader.
What rule do the boys make about the one who holds the conch? Whoever hold the conch has the right to speak.
What seems to be Jack’s main concern throughout the beginning of the story? He wants to hunt and kill a pig to obtain meat.
What seems to be Ralphs main concern and focust point throughout the story? Ralph wants to keep the fire going so that ships will see the smoke and will rescue them.
What do the boys, Sam and Eric see fall from the sky that seems to be the Beast? He is a dead pilot who’s plane was shot down.
What is Simon’s theory on what the Beast truly is? Simon believes the Beast is inside of themselves, it is their sinful nature.

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