Island Coral Island in the Pacific Ocean – During WWII – Grassy, palm trees, big beach. – Hot. – Two “mountains” – Cliffs – Forests – TROPICAL – Shaped like a row boat – Coral reef parallel to the island a mile out. – Lagoon and warm pool – Cool in morning. Afternoon = mirages. Dusk = cool but scared of night.
The Platform Broken trees for the boys to sit on. – On the beach side of the island, – Where they have all the assemblies., – Rock formation/granite.
The Mountain Pink granite, like a cake with icing. – The opposite side of the beach. – To get to it from the beach, you go through rocks, vines, creepers, etc. , – There is a cave half way up., – It is where the signal fire is and it is where the parachutist landed, and Sam and Eric first saw “the beast” – A forest fire started and one side burned. – Jack and Ralph get into a fight there and Ralph stands his ground so they have to move the fire.
Castle Rock red rock – the first place they look for the beast – It is dangerous and hard to climb – Would make a good “fort”. The only place on the island that Jack hadn’t been, it becomes Jack’s tribe’s home
Simon’s “Bower” Cave -like covert in the side of the mountain – blue flowers – and many butterflies. That is where they placed the Lord of the Flies
The Scar The path that the plane left after it crashed through the woods.

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