Lord of the Flies quotes about Simon

Eyes- “so bright they had decieved ralph i to thinking him delightfully gray and wicked” Simons eyes represent vision and truth, much like Peggy’s glasses
“You’ll get back where you came from” He is reassuring Ralph and the boys that the time on the island will be short
“What else is there to do?” Simon asks questions that require thought and courageous action, unlike the simple speech of the other older boys
“Resurrected” His temporary death is compared to Jesus who was crucified. His resurrection makes him set out on new aims and missions on the island
“Faints” “headaches” “vomit” “death” Showing his physical fragility and weakness even at the start of chapter one. Jack replies “leave him”. He doesn’t conceal his fragility and weakness his death represents how good is overcome by evil.
“Batty”, “queer” He is seen by others as strange. Also shows how the boys have a lack of vocabulary to describe him as they are still very young.
“The beast was harmless and horrible” c9 p.162 He understands the true nature of the beast (parachutist). Shows that there is nothing to fear and that there is life beyond the island.
“A pulse began to beat on the brain” c8 p.152 Shows his strength of mind but his frail body. Shows perceptiveness, individuality but also vulnerability
“You’re not wanted” “understand” (repetition) c8 hallucination The repetition of Understand almost echoes a school master. Also this is Simons hallucinations of the beast which conveys the fight between good and evil. Simon vs Beezlebub
Why does Golding switch simons Body movements to the sun moon and earth? He represents a knowledge that is fundamental to the elements.
Simon as a Christ like figure He is misunderstood just like Jesus.2sides- helping Ralph build shelters. Other side is his hiding away from the rest of the boys. Confronted by the devil- when the lotf spoke to him in an apparition (c8)
Simon’s death Evil triumphs goodDies as a result of being made the scapegoat for the boys unshakable fear.

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