Lord of the Flies – Order of Events

1 Ralph and Piggy meet
2 Ralph and Piggy find the Conch
3 Conch is blown and all the boys on island gather
4 Ralph is voted leader
5 Boy with Mulberry face birthmark mentions snake beastie
6 First signal gire
7 Trees get lit on fire and the Mulberry birthmark boy is gone
8 Jack grows obsessed with hunting
9 Ralph and Jack start forming Rivalry
10 Ship passes but Jack let signal fire out
11 Hunters catch first pig
12 Jack slaps piggy, breaking glasses, Ralph and him more rivals
13 Jack and other boys go to kill the beast
14 Fight planes and explosions in sky
15 Sam and Eric encounter dead parachutist (beast)
16 Jack leads search party to see the beast + to area not seen
17 Simon says to Ralph “YOU’LL make it home alright.”
18 Ralphs first hunt, likes it
19 Hunters play game, almost kill Robert
20 Jack leaves the group and some boys follow at night
21 Jack + Roger make offering to beast (lord of the flies)
22 Jack and tribe steal fire
23 Simon sees lord of the flies, faints
24 Simon is killed
25 Jack and tribe attack Ralphs group, steal Piggys glasses
26 Sam and Eric are captured by Jacks tribe
30 Roger pushes rock that kills Piggy and destroys conch
31 Tribe tries to chase Ralph to kill him
32 Ralph barely survives, finds Navel officer and they are rescused

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