Lord of the Flies Multiple Choice

Ralph came to respect Piggy more when he realized: Piggy was much more intelligent than he.
Samneric join Jack’s group of hunters because: Jack forces them to.
Ralph was chosen as chief because: He possessed the Conch.
What happened when the hunters no longer took care of the fire? A ship passed the island and did not rescue them.
The three people that first determined that they were on an island were: Jack, Ralph, and Simon
Piggy’s real name is: Poindexter, Winthrop, William, or Percival. None of the above
Ralph’s father holds the position of: Naval commander.
Jack is chief hunter because: He was appointed by Ralph.
The “Snake-like” things referred earing in the novel is/are: Brush and Weeds
The person who suggests that the head of the pig be left as a gift for the Beast is: Rodger, Simon, Piggy, or Ralph. None of the above
The person (or persons) which did not take part in the murder of Simon is/were: Samneric, Ralph and Piggy, Ralph, and Piggy. None of the above
The person (or persons) which know that there really isn’t a Beastie is/are: Simon
Ther person (or persons) which find the conch in the lagoon is/are: Ralph and Piggy
The person (or persons) which seemed to feel as though he/they was/were outside of the rest of the group is/were: Jack, Ralph, The littones, and Samneric. None of the above
When Simon reminds ralph that “you’re in charge,” Ralph calls a meeting to: Get all of the boy’s names.
Ralph uses a _____ to summon the other boys. Conch Shell
Piggy suffers from this disease: Asthma
Jack and his ‘hunters’ are actually this type of group: Choir
The boys are stranded on an island in the: Pacific Ocean
Who identifies the island as part of a Coral Reef? Ralph
“Samneric” refers to The twins
“Creepers” refers to: Vines
Why do Jack and his hunters attack Ralph and Piggy? They want to steal Piggy’s glasses.
Which character pretends to be a pig during the chant? Rodger
According to Eric, what would be preferable to capture by Jack and his tribe? Capture by Reds (Communists)
Which character repeats the saying “Sucks to your ass-mar!”? Ralph
Who hesitates when the boys vote for chief, unsure whether or not to support Ralph?zz Piggy
Ralph considers _____ the most important thing on the island. The signal fire
Which of the following characters is not held as a prisoner by Jack and his hunters? Piggy
All of the following are locations on the Island except: Castle Rock, The Volcano, The Scar, and The Lagoon. The volcano
Jack jokes that they could actually kill _____ in place of a pig during their dance. A “Littleone”
The conch shell can symbolize all of the following except: Democracy, Authority, Order, and Private Property. Private Property
Which of the following characters best symbolizes a religious sensibility? Simon
Which of the following is a direct Satanic symbol? The pig’s head.
Ralph best represents which following aspect of human nature: Instinct, Intellect, Moral Choice, and Spirituality. Moral Choice
Whose responsibility is it to maintain the first signal fire? The Hunters’
How does the first boy disappear? He burns to death when the signal fire ignites the forest.
Who is the first boy to disappear? A littlun

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