Lord of The Flies Crossword Terms

Corpse Samneric see the ________ of the parachutist
Face Jack paints his with clay
Grin Expression on pig’s face
Castle Maurice and Roger destroy the littluns’ sand _______________
Fear Feeling the littluns had
Sun’s The boys used the ________ rays to start a fire
Conch Shell, symbol of authority
Savage An animal man
Candle Jack slashed the green _________ buds
Rock Castle __________
Ralph Handsome, athletic, natural leader
Skull Ralph encounters a grinning pig’s _________
Adults There are no __________ on the island until the officer arrives
Mountain Place from which the boys see something like a great ape
Cliff Simon falls off one to the sands belows
Sea The bodies of Simon and the parachutist are carried out to ______
Conflict Man vs. Man, for example
Flat Shape of the rock on which Piggy lands
Glasses The boys use Piggy’s _________ to start the fire
Chief Another name for leader
Samneric Sam and Eric; identical twins
Jack Choir leader, ugly without silliness
Boulder It shatters the rock and Piggy
Dance The hunters’ _________ was the act of killing
Airplane The boys’ transportation to the island
Play Jack announces to Ralph “I’m not going to ______ anymore. Not with you.”
Cooperation Jack criticizes the boys for their lack of this
Darkness Symbolic of evil
Fire Jack plans to steal it from Ralph and Piggy
Hesitates Jack does this when he lifts his knife to kill the piglet
Maurice Choir boy as big as Jack, grinning all the time
Piggy Intelligent, reader and thinker rather than a boy of action
Simon Poetic, sensitive, loner, mysterious boy

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