Lord of the Flies Crossword

Mountain Where does the pilot land?
Smoke The naval officer rescues the boys because he saw the…
Specs The fight with Jack and his hunters results in Piggy’s broken…
British What nationality does the naval officer have?
Sam Who gives Ralph meat from Jack’s fester?
Caves When it begins to rain and Ralph asks Jack, “Where are your shelters? What are you going to do about that?”, Jack leads the boys to the…
Sharpened Stick What sort of weapon is Jack using to hunt pigs?
Head Ralph’s common action throughout the novel is standing on the…
Conch Blown by Piggy, the … is a symbol of authority, order, and civilization
Littluns What are the young children called?
Hunting For what purpose does Jack want his choir used?
Name Percival forgets his…
Trap The tribe burnt the island in order to … Ralph
Thief What does Ralph call Jack so that it provokes a feast?
Rescue When Ralph says “Smoke – we want smoke.” he seems to forget why and is reminded by Piggy that smoke means…
Two How many huts have the boys managed to build?
Jack Who calls the assembly to discuss the beast?
Ralph “We’ve got to have special people looking after the fire. Any day there may be a ship out there.” Who is speaking here?
Hullo What’s the first word the naval officer says to Ralph?
Kill Ralph finds himself wishing he could … a pig
Fire Finally the boys are rescued because of the huge … on the island
Parachutist What’s the first sign of the adult world?
Wind What makes the dead pilot move?
Paradise At first, what does the island seem to be?
Atomic War Golding’s characters, a group of English school boys, find themselves on a tropical island as a result of an…
Glasses What did the attackers steal from Piggy?
Ship What does Ralph spot on the horizon in Chapter 4?
Accident After the death of Simon, the excuse the four bigguns left together give to each other is it was an…
Stick “A … sharpened at both ends.” What is missing?
Samneric What are the twins called?
Simon Ralph, Piggy and Simon do not join Jack’s tribe
Fun The navel officer evaluates the activity on the island as …
Athletic Ralph’s figure is described as…
Capture Directly after Piggy’s death Jack orders the … of the twins
Lord of the Flies The … is the “reason it’s no go”
Stones What does Roger throw to bother Henry?
Polish Piggy’s most common action was to … his glasses
Piggy “I don’t believe in no ghosts, ever.” Who is speaking here?
Count “The conch doesn’t … on this end of the island.” Complete the sentence
Killed When Simon comes out of the forest, he gets …
Roger Who releases the rock that kills Piggy and destroys the conch?
Pig’s head While he’s an outcast in the forest, Ralph knocks over the …
Pig The Lord of the Flies is a …’s head

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