Lord of the Flies Chronology

Chapter One: “The Sound of the Shell”:
1. “The boy with fair hair” is named ________________________. Ralph
2. The boys were stranded on the island after a ______________________. storm
3. The ___________________________ caused a good deal of destruction on the island that Golding describes as a ________________________. It is later dragged out to sea. plane crash//scar
4. Back in the world, Piggy lives with _________________________. He suffers from __________________. his aunt//asthma
5. Ralph is _________ years old. 12
6. Piggy eats a great deal of fruit, resulting in _______________________. sickness
7. Ralph’s father is ____________________________. a navy commander
8. The boys left England due to _______________________________. an atomic bomb
9. Ralph finds a _____________________, but he doesn’t know what it is. ___________________ knows its name. shell//piggy
10. _________________________ blows the ___________________ to gather the other boys on the island. Ralph//shell
11. Piggy and Ralph meet twin boys named _______________________ and __________________. sam and Eric
12. A red-haired boy named __________________________ arrives, leading a group of boys who belonged to _______________________. merridew//choir
13. ____________________________ faints. Simon
14. The boys elect _________________________ their leader, even though the choir supports _________________. Ralph//Jack
15. ___________________, ___________________, and ____________________ explore the island together. Ralph, Jack, Simon
16. Jack finds that he cannot ________________________________________, but he promises to do so next time. kill of the animals
Chapter Two: “Fire on the Mountain”:
1. The boys decide to use _________________________ to provide orderly discussion during meetings. ______________________ comes up with this idea. the conchPiggy
2. A littlun, physically distinguished by _________________________ on his face talks about being afraid of ________________________________________. a birthmarka mysterious snake/beastie
3. _______________________ does not believe in a beast; __________________________ says he will hunt it. RalphJack
4. The first major plan determined through meeting is _______________________________________________________________________________. making a signal fire
5. The boys start a fire by __________________________________________________. rubbing two sticks together using piggys glasses
6. Jack states that the boys should be able to do anything because they are ___________________. english
7. The boys’ plan turns destructive when ________________________________________________. the fire spreads
8. ________________________________________________ goes missing after the fire. the littlun with the birthmark
Chapter Three: “Huts on the Beach”:
1. The chapter begins with a description of _______________________’s physical change. Jack
2. _____________________ and _____________________ are the only boys who seriously work toward building shelters. Ralph and Simon
3. _____________________ doesn’t help with the shelters because he is too busy ___________________________________. Jack//hunting for pigs
4. Jack remarks that when he is hunting, he feels as though _______________________________. he is being hunted
5. While the others work, play, and talk ________________________ walks off by himself to a place deep in ____________________________. simon//the jungle
Chapter Four: “Painted Faces and Long Hair”:
1. __________________________ and __________________________ destroy the sand castles created by two littluns. Roger and Maurice
2. After destroying the sand castles, ____________________________ throws rocks at a littlun, but he does not hit the littlun because _______________________________________________________________________________. Roger//he would feel guilty and he is bound to his own life
3. Jack discovers that he can hunt more effectively by ____________________________________. painting his face (camogflauge)
4. The boys continue to treat ________________________ as an outsider. Piggy
5. Ralph spots ____________________________________, but he notices that _________________________________ is not going because _______________________________________________________________________________. a ship//the fire//it was left unattended when the choir was out hunting
6. Upon killing the pig, Jack asks Ralph to help him mark the occasion through ________________________________________________________________. carving Ralph’s spear
7. In frustration, Jack hits ___________________________ causing ___________________________________________________________. Piggy//his glasses to break
8. Surprisingly, Jack _________________________ to __________________________. apologizes to Ralph
9. In telling the story of the hunt, Jack and the hunters ___________________________________ reenacted the story/sing, dance, chant
10. After this, Ralph _________________________________________________________________. decides to hold a meeting
Chapter Five: “Beast from Water”:
1. This new meeting must be ___________________________, not _________________. business, fun
2. Ralph notices that he can’t ________________________ like Piggy can. think
3. Ralph discusses four problems in the meeting: -barely any water in coconut shells -use the rocks as a lavatory-doesn’t want another fire to be let out -widespread fear of the beast
4. Piggy notes that the only fear can come if they _______________________________________. believe in the beast
5. The littlun Percival recites ___________________________________, bothering some of the others. his name and address
6. Percival says the beast comes from _________________________________. the sea
7. Simon hypothesizes that the beast is ___________________________. themselves
8. Ralph won’t _________________________________________ for fear that it might not work. blow the conch
9. ____________________________ tells Ralph to keep being chief. piggy
Chapter Six: “Beast from Air”:
1. A ______________________________________ falls from the sky. dead man in a parachute
2. _______________________ and _________________________ mistake _________________________________________ for the beast. sam and Eric mistake the hanging man
3. _________________________ joins Jack to hunt the beast. ralph
4. Upon approaching the unexplored, rocky part of the island, _____________________ volunteers to go first and ______________________ follows him. RalphJack
5. _______________________ likes the new part of the island; __________________________ does not. JackRalph
Chapter Seven: “Shadows and Tall Trees”:
1. Ralph notices that, besides being filthy and unkempt, he has begun ________________________________________. biting his nails
2. Simon predicts that Ralph ________________________________________________________. will go back home
3. Ralph feels the excitement of the hunt when he _______________________________________. hit a pig with his spear
4. During the ritual re-enactment of the hunt, the boys come close to hurting ________________. Robert
5. The boys don’t wait for ___________________________ before encountering the beast. Ralph
6. ________________________ returns to Piggy. Simon
7. ______________________ and _____________________ climb the mountain to confront the beast. _______________________ joins them. Ralph and Jack//Roger
Chapter Eight: “Gift for the Darkness”:
1. _______________________ blows the conch to call a meeting. Jack
2. Jack calls Ralph a ________________________. coward
3. Jack calls a veto to “impeach” Ralph, but _________________________________. Unhappy, Jack _________________________________________. Jack loses. Jack storms away
4. After the splitting of the boys, Ralph, Simon, and Piggy propose three different plans: Ralph: build a fireSimon: hunt the beastPiggy: kill animals
• Ralph: __________________________________________________________________ build a fire
• Simon: __________________________________________________________________ hunt the beast
• Piggy: ___________________________________________________________________ hunt animals
5. ____________________________ proposes making a list of the remaining boys. piggy
6. Jack suggests that the boys _________________________ the beast. ignore
7. The hunters kill ___________________________. the pig
8. The hunters want to make a cooking fire, but ________________________________________. they have no wood
9. Jack commands Roger to “sharpen a stick at both ends,” meaning ______________________________________________________________________________. they are killing the beast, putting the stake on the ground
10. The Lord of the Flies is ______________________________________________________________________________. the head of the pig with flies around it
11. The hunters return to the beach to _________________________________________________. get fire but they have no way to start it
12. Piggy thought the hunters had returned to steal ________________________________. the conch
Chapter Nine: “A View to a Death”:
1. Simon questions the Lord of the Flies, but ___________________________________________. has a panic attack/passes out
2. Simon confronts the beast and discovers that ________________________________________. the beast is inside all of them
3. ___________________ and ___________________ seek the hunters. Ralph and Piggy
4. At the hunters’ part of the island, Jack is ______________________________________________________________________________. the leader/chief
5. Jack gives Ralph and Piggy _____________________________. meat
6. Jack says that the conch _________________________________________________________. is less meaningful now that the boys don’t need it//worthless
7. The boys notice that the sky is threatening _______________________________________. a storm
8. During the celebration of the hunt, the boys _________________________________________. kill Simon
9. _________________________ floats away on the sea. simons body
Chapter Ten: “The Shell and the Glasses”:
1. ___________________________ and ______________________ are the only biguns left with Ralph and Piggy. sam and eric
2. Ralph says that what happened to Simon was _____________________, but Piggy says it was _________________________________. Piggy tells Ralph not to tell Samneric about ______________________________________________________________. murder//an accident//the death of Simon
3. Roger _______________________________________________________ to defend the hunters’ camp. says Jack is a real chief
4. Jack disciplines Wilfred by __________________________________________. tying him up and beating him up
5. The hunters believe Simon was ____________________________________. the beast
6. Ralph forgets about ________________________________, but _______________________ reminds him the fire//piggy
7. The hunters return to Ralph’s camp to steal ________________________________. Piggy thought they wanted ______________________________. piggy’s glassesthe conch
Chapter Eleven: “Castle Rock”:
1. Piggy insists that Ralph __________________________________. visit Jack’s tribe and get Piggy’s glasses back
2. Piggy carries _________________________ as they approach the hunters’ camp. the conch
3. When the boys first arrive at Castle Rock, _______________________ is not there. Jack
4. Ralph calls Jack a _______________________. coward
5. The hunters capture _____________________________. sam and eric
6. What happens to Piggy and who does it? ______________________________________________________________________________ roger throw a rock and it hits him so he dies
7. ________________________ breaks. the conch
Chapter Twelve: “Cry of the Hunters”:
1. Ralph hides ____________________________________________________. in the underbrush, wondering what he should do about his wounds
2. Ralph tries to convince himself that what happened to Piggy was _________________________. an accident
3. Ralph encounters ________________________________________, but it has decomposed. the lord of the flies
4. ___________________________________ are part of the hunters’ tribe now. sam and eric
5. Samneric says that Roger intends to ___________________________________, but this confuses Ralph. hunt him down
6. _______________________________ reveal Ralph’s hiding place. sam and eric
7. The hunters try to capture Ralph by _________________________________________________. burning down the forest
8. On the beach, Ralph encounters ___________________________________________. Jack
9. The officer asks who the boss of the island is. Ralph says ______________________________. he (Ralph) is

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