Lord of the Flies- chrono log

Ralph finds a… Conch shell he uses to summon the boys for meetings
The boys elect… Ralph as chief
Jack can’t kill the pig because… He is afraid and was taught not to kill
The fire is out because… Jack’s group are off hunting
Jack needs face paint in order… To hunt and hide from his conscience
Ralph wants the fire as… Signal for rescue
Simon thinks the beast… Is in the boys themselves
Ralph considers giving up… His position as chief
The figure on top of the mountain is… A dead parachutist
Simon predicts that… Ralph will get back home
Jack leaves and forms… His own tribe
The Lord of the Flies ” talks” to Simon
On the mountain Simon notes that… The “beast” is a dead parachutist
Simon is mistaken for… The beast
Ralph and piggy deny or excuse… Their part in Simon’s death
Jack steals… Piggy’s glasses
Roger drops a huge rock on Piggy and the conch
Ralph knows… The tribe means to kill him
He is saved by… A British naval officer who saw the smoke
Ralph claims that he is… The chief/ leader of the boys

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