lord of the flies character list

ralph main protagonist of the story; one of the oldest boys on the island; becomes group leader w natural sense of authority; calm and rational w sound judgment and a strong moral sensibility; remains most civilized character; represents political tradition of liberal democracy; good everyman
piggy awkward and averse to physical labor; suffers from asthma; intellectual; outsider among the boys; dedicated to ideal of civilization; murdered by roger; represents logic and intelligence and reason; relies on society
jack merridew leader of the choir; exemplifies militarism; cruel and sadistic; obsessed w hunting and killing pigs; inflicts pain; represents anarchy; bad everyman; relies on Roger and Maurice
simon most introspective character; has deep affinity w nature; represents spiritual side of human nature; an outcast and thought as odd and insane; finds the truth behind the beast; murdered in ritual; Christ-figure; moral compass; spirituality
sam and eric twins who remain w ralph and piggy; two boys w one name; suggests individualism and human uniqueness
roger one of the hunters and guard at castle rock; is jacks equal in cruelty; doesn’t talk; negative; evil
maurice one of jacks hunters; pretends to be pig during pretend slaughter; represents mindless madness
percival one of the smallest boys on the island; comforts himself by repeating name and address; becomes hysterical; represents familiar aspects of civilization
beast literally a dead pilot shot down; simon discovers him; mistaken as a nefarious supernatural omen
lord of the flies pig head that jack impales as an offering to the beast; refers to an incarnation of satan; represents savagery and amorality of jacks tribe

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