Lord of the flies (chapters 1 – 3)

Who are the first two characters to appear in the beginning of the story? Ralph and Piggy
What does Ralph and Piggy find in the lagoon? A conch shell
How does Ralph summon the others? By blowing the conch shell
Who is elected chief? Ralph
What purpose does Jack want his choir used Wants them to become hunters
What is Piggy’s assignment because he couldn’t join the exploration expedition? To get everybody’s name
Who does Ralph pick to accompany him on the expedition? Jack and Simon
What weapon does Jack have? A knife
What does Simon call the strange bushes they come across? Candle – buds
Why does the piglet escape? Jack hesitates to kill it
Where does Ralph get the idea to use a conch shell to speak? His school back home
Why is Jack so enthusiastic about creating rules? Excited at the possibility of enforcing them
Which boy introduces the reality that they may never be rescued? Roger “dark boy”
Who first mentioned “the beastie”? The small boy with the mulberry – colored birthmark
Who is the last one to join the boys on the mountain to make a fire? Piggy
How do they start a fire? With Piggy’s glasses
How does the fire become uncontrollable? When sparks ignite the surrounding jungle
Who defends Piggy from Jack? Simon
How does Piggy first notice a boy is missing He doesn’t see the boy with the mulberry – colored birthmark
What causes the drum – roll sound the boys hear in the fire? Live trees exploding from the heat of the fire
What sort of weapon is jack using to hunt pigs? Five – foot sharpened stick
How does Jack know that there’s a pig in the creepers? He found fresh pig droppings
How are the boys collecting drinking water? In coconut shells
Who helps Ralph with the hut building? Simon
How many huts have the boys manage to build? Two huts
What does Jack claim to feel behind him? “the beastie” behind him
What does Jack suggest will make him a better hunter? Painting his face for camouflage
Which boy does Jack view as odd? Simon
Where does Simon go in the jungle? A hidden clearing
When does the candle – buds that Simon sees bloom? At night under the stars

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