Lord of the Flies, chapters 1-2 vocabulary/Secondary Solutions Guide

furtive sneaky; stealthy
indignation anger that is caused unfairly
ascent the act of rising upward; an upward slope
pliant bendable; easily bent without breaking
foliage a cluster of leaves, flowers, branches, etc.
conch a large spiral-shelled mollusk; a type of shell from this invertebrate
effulgence shining brightness; brilliance
enmity Hostility
efflorescence (n) blooming of flowers, a state of flowering
gesticulated Made hand motionsGestured
clamored Shout loudly and insistently
ebullience intense enthusiasm
assented agreed
recrimination a bitter counteraccusation
tumult Noisy excitement; an uproar or disturbance.
tirade (n.) a long, angry speech, usually very critical
clambering climbing, scrambling
proffer to offer
decorous proper; tasteful; socially correct
fulcrum The fixed point on a lever
bastion (n.) a fortified place, stronghold
hiatus a break or interruption, often from work

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