Lord of the Flies Chapter 5

Taken short slang for having diarrhea
jeer taunt
ludicrous ridiculous
effigy a crude representation of someone disliked
lament to feel or express sorrow or regret for
reverence curtsy; treated with respect tinged with awe
derisive contemptuous; mocking
decorum dignified property of behavior
What does Ralph decide about the meeting that he is about to have he decides the meeting is for business not fun
What does this say about how Ralph is changing? he is becoming more serious and mature
What does Ralph start to realize about his appearance? he realizes that his appearance is very dirty and uncomfortable
What did Ralph, Jack and Piggy not have the “wit” to do? stop the log from moving
What does Ralph realize a chief needs to be able to do? make wise decisions
Where does Piggy stand at the beginning of the assembly? outside of the triangle
What is the first thing Ralph lists as something the boys have failed to do? have a productive meeting
What is Ralph’s second complaint? the shelter is unstable because only 2 people built it
What is Ralph’s third complaint? the younger kids are using the bathroom around the island
What do all the littluns laugh about while Ralph is talking? they laugh at him talking about poop
What is Ralph’s fourth command? that they make smoke on the mountain to get rescued or die
What does Ralph say about the fires for cooking? He says they should take food to the mountain to cook instead of bringing the fire down
What is the last thing Ralph tries to talk about before he looses control? the beastie
What does Jack have to say about the littluns fear? he says their cry babies and they need to put up with their fear
What did the boy name Phil think he saw? a horrid creature(the beastie)
What did the boy really see? Simon
How does Maurice get the littluns to stop crying? by making them laugh
According to Percival, where does the beast live? in the sea
What does Simon suggest about the beast? that the beast is real
What do the boys vote on? whether or not ghosts are real
Why does Ralph not blow on the conch? he’s afraid they won’t come back, the fire will not keep going, they wont get rescued and they’ll become like animals
Why is Piggy afraid of Ralph giving up control? he’s scared of Jack.

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