Lord of The Flies Chapter 4 Study Guide

What was the first rhythm that the kids became used to? The slow swing from dawn to quick dusk
How did the kids feel in the morning compared to dusk? They felt good and life full of hope whereas during the dusk they calmed down and they were exhausted and hot
What things happened during midday? Strange things in the sea, but they ignored it since no one could even touch the reef
Who is Percivel? A young boy who crawled into a shelter and stayed there for two days, talking, singing, and crying until everyone thought he was crazy. He spends more time crying than playing or doing anything else
What did the littleuns do during the day? Pick fruit and play, they have also grown accustomed to stomachaches and a sort of chronic diarrhea due to their lack of judgement of the fruit
How do the littleuns look? Brown, filthy, and dirty
Who did the littleuns connect with authority? Ralph because he blows the conch
What do the littleuns build and where? Sand castles at the bar of the little river, one foot high and decorated
Who was the biggest of the littleuns? Henry who was a distant relative of the mulberry-marked boy, he was too young to understand this and was very delusional
Who were the smallest boys in the island? Percival and Johnny
Describe Percival Mouse-colored, not very attractive
Describe Johnny Well built, fair hair and a natural belligerence
Why did Henry look like a leader? He was with Percival and Johnny who were the two youngest, in comparison he was much more mature
Where did Roger and Maurice come out of? The forest since they were relieved from fire duty and came for a swim
What did Roger and Maurice do when passing through the sandcastles? Walk straight through them, kicking castles over, burying the flowers, scattering stones around
How many kids would play the same game? Three
Who was the only kid that protested Maurice and Roger? Percival
Why did Maurice not throw sand at people’s eyes? He received punishment before when he was civilized and still feels a tie to not do it
Describe Roger Not noticeably darker than when he came, shock of black hair, gloomy face
Where did Henry run off to? Down the beach into the water’s edge, he played with a stick and touched the things that came up
What ocean were they near? Pacific
Who followed Henry? Roger, he was hidden at first but then came out since Henry was so self-absorbed in the tides
What could Roger see past Henry? The older kids swimming in the pool
What fell on Roger? Several coconuts which didn’t hit him once they fell
What was Roger throwing “at” Henry? Rocks but there was a certain six foot diameter where he dare not hit because he still remembers the rules of the civilized
What did Roger do when Henry turned back? He hid again
What was Jack doing when Roger came up to him? Putting on camouflage from two large leaves
What was Jack encouraging Bill to do? Get some face paint, he says that the others are making a line so he should hurry
What was Simon doing in the pool? Floating about
What was Maurice doing in the pool? Practicing how to dive
What was Piggy doing at the pool? Throwing things around aimlessly, the rock pools were covered by the tide and that was his form of entertainment
Describe Piggy Wears a remainder of his shorts, fat body golden brown, glasses flashed when he looked at anything, hair didn’t grow
What does Piggy want to make and what does Ralph compare it to? A sundial for a sense of time and Ralph teases him by saying they should make an airplane, TV set, and steam engine
What did Ralph think of Piggy? He was a downer, he was boring, fat, and his ideas were dull, his only enjoyment out of Piggy was teasing him
What did Piggy think of Ralph’s smile? It was one of friendliness however it was more of a mischievous smile
What did everyone think that Piggy was? An outsider because of his accent, fat, asthma, specs, and lack of manual labor
Who was most at home in the water? Ralph
What did Ralph want Maurice to do dive-wise? A belly flop
Who saw the lack of smoke? Ralph
Who couldn’t see the smoke (because he thought it was there)? Piggy
What happened when Ralph reached the site of smoke? It went out and since Piggy was slow they couldn’t reignite it
What did Ralph scream to the ship? Come back! Come back!
What was the worst word that Ralph knew? Bloody
Who let the fire go out? The hunters
What did Ralph see shortly after the ship passed? A procession of the choir chanting something with something on a stick
What were the hunters chanting? Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.
Who carried the pig? Samneric
What was Jack’s most prominent detail when describing the pig? The amount of blood that came with killing it
Why did Piggy burst? He forgot his timidity and screamed at Jack Merridew and his blood
Who pissed off Jack? Piggy
What did Jack do to Piggy? Punch him in the stomach and then smack him on the face breaking one side of his specs
Who found Piggy’s specs? Simon
Who said that “that was a dirty trick”? Ralph
Who brought Jack back to his senses and made him apologize? Ralph
Where was the fire built in relation to Ralph? Three feet away since he would not move
What did Jack not give to Piggy? Meat
Who lit the fire of the pig? Ralph
How did the kids cook the pig? On branches because they weren’t able to skewer it
Who was the only one not eating? Simon
Where did Jack find the pig? By the sea
How did the hunters hunt the pig? Surrounding it and paralyzing it
What did Ralph decide to do at the end of the chapter? Call a meeting

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