Lord of the Flies Chapter 4 and 5 Quiz

How do the boys spend their time on the island? They swim, sleep, play, hunt, build huts…
What do Roger and Maurice do to bother the litluns? They try to ruin the litluns sandcastles.
What change does Jack make to himself that helps to make him successful at hunting? Jack uses clay to paint his face.
What do Jack and Ralph fight about? Ralph is angry that Jack let the fire burn out.
What is one of the seven issues that Ralph talks about at his meeting? 1. Keep fresh water2. Be clean3. Build shelters4. Keep the fire burning
What is one sign of disrespect that the boys show Ralph at the meeting? Ralph had had the conch shell, so he had the right to speak, but the other boys began talking at the same time. This broke a major rule.

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