Lord of the flies chapter 4

What is Jack wearing? What looks different now from when he and the grouparrived Tattered Shorts; longer hair and lighter color
What does Jack decide to hunt? Pigs
When Jack returns from the forest, what does he immediately ask for? Water
What are Ralph and Simon working on for the group? Shelter
What does Ralph think the priority is for the group at this time? To buildshelter just in case it rains.
What does Jack think is the most important task for the group at this time? To go hunting for meat.
Where do the pig’s hide when it is hot? Higher up were there is shade.
What problems do the “littluns” face because of their eating habits? Stomachaches and diarrhea.
Who travels with Jack in the forrest? Jack, Bill, Sam, and Eric
Who builds sand castles? Henry, Percival, and Johnny
Why do they appoint Henry the leader of building castles? Because he is theoldest.
What is a tactic that Jack uses to hunt the pig? Camoflause
Why does Piggy get angry and yell at Jack? Letting the fire burn out.
What is ironic about Piggy’s hair? It will not grow.
Why does Maurice feel guilty? Back home, he received chastisement for filling a youngereye with sand.
Ralph ignores Piggy’s idea of making what? A Sun-Dial.
What good deed does Simon do for Piggy? He gives him a piece of meat.
How does Jack act upon Simon’s deed for Piggy? He throws a piece a meat at himand forces him to eat.
What does Ralph decide to do at the end of Chapter 4? To call a meeting.
An item fell and almost hits Roger, what is this item? A Coconut.

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