Lord of the Flies chapter 4

Who are the three boys building sand castles? The three boys building sand castles are Henry, Percival, and Johnny.
Who is the leader of the three? What reason is given for him being leader? Henry is the leader of the three because the other two were Percival and Johnny, who were the smallest on the island, therefore making him leader.
Who cries and why? Percival was crying because he had an eye full of sand because of Maurice.
Of what duty have Roger and Maurice just been relieved? Roger and Maurice had been relieved of the duty of the fire.
Of what does Maurice feel a bit guilty? Maurice feels a bit guilty because he felt the unease of wrongdoing, for flicking sand in Percival’s face, knowing that he would receive chastisement in his other life.
What catches Henry’s interest on the beach? The little creatures that would gather at the end of the water’s edge fascinated Henry.
What almost hits Roger? Several nuts as big a rugby balls fell off their stems and almost hit Roger.
What keeps Roger from throwing the stones at Henry? Roger keeps from throwing the stones at Henry because he knew in his past life that he would not be able to do this in that nature and it feels foreign to him to take on such an act even if they were on a secluded island, it was holding him back.
Who is all with Jack in the forest? Sam, Eric, Bill, and Roger were all with Jack in the forest.
What is a strange detail of Piggy’s hair? Piggy’s hair never seemed to grow and only wisps of hair lay on his head, as though baldness were his natural state and this imperfect covering would soon go.
What does Piggy suggest making that Ralph ignores? Piggy suggests making a clock.
What do the boys chant upon their return? The boys chant, “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.”
What happens to Piggy after he yells at Jack for letting the fire go out? Jack punched piggy in the stomach.
Who gives Piggy his piece of meat? Simon gave piggy his piece of meat.
What does Jack do in response to this? Jack leapt to his feet, and slashed off a chunk of meat and flung it down on Simon’s feet, telling him to eat it.
What does Maurice pretend to be? Maurice pretended to be the pig.

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