Lord of the flies chapter 2 questions

What rules does Ralph lay down at the assembly? Must hold the conch to speak (if anyone breaks the rules ralph wants to be the one to enforce the punishment)
What power does the conch shell give the person who holds it the right to speak
What crucial fact does piggy remind the boys of That no one knows that they’re trapped on the island
What frightened the little boy with the birthmark and how does it affect the other boys? A snake like figure, and all the other boys become scared.
Why is Jack interested in the possibility of a beast? He wants to kill something
How does the little boy describe the beast and what might be an explanation of what he has seen Snake like, might be the vines.
What does Ralph tell the boys they need to be rescued a fire
Ralph’s confidence is them being rescued means that? He is nieve
Describe the building of the fire They use the sun and piggy’s glasses, dead trees, leaves.
What changes had to be made in the building of the fire and what might this symbolize? Them all coming together to help so that they might get rescued
How is the fire personified on P.37 Taking human form
What conflict arises between Jack and Piggy? Piggy wants a voice and Ralph says that “the conch works everywhere”
How does Jack try to limit the power of the conch in this chapter? Tries to make it only work on the beach
What gloomy thought does Roger share with the bos The fire and the smoke won’t work to get them rescued
Who accepted responsibility for tending to the fire Jack’s choir
What does Piggy call the smaller children? What happened to these children’s identity? littuns. They are just a group of little kids they no longer are individuals
Which little boy goes missing? How does this affect the boys? The boy with the birthmark. The boys feel guilty because they think he fell into the fire.
On P.46 what is the simile for the tree? It exploded like a bomb
What characteristics are revealed about piggy in this chapter? That he is the most adult-like

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