Lord of the Flies (Chapter 2)

Who calls the meeting at the beginning of this chapter? Ralph
Why are the boys excited about the establishment of the new rules? Because then they can come up with punishments for rule-breakers
Why does Ralph decide to set rules? He feels the need for order on the wild island
What is the role of the conch in meetings? Whoever holds the conch has the right to talk without interruptions
*Who is the only one who may interrupt the speaker holding the conch? Ralph, their newly elected leader
What are the two points Piggy makes when he hold the conch? a) they might never get off this island b) they should figure out how to survive
What happens when the boy with birthmark reaches for the conch to talk? The rest of the boys laugh at him
What does Piggy do when he sees that the boy with the birthmark is not being allowed to talk? He demands that he is allowed to talk
When the boy with the birthmark becomes too discouraged to talk, what does Piggy do? He translates his quiet mutterings to the group
Why is the boy with the birthmark anxious to get the conch? He’s afraid of a mysterious snake-thing in the jungle that he describes as a “beastie” and says it comes only in the dark, and wants to tell the rest of the group
*Who saw the beast/beastie/snake-like thing? The boy with the birthmark
*Who says again and again the there isn’t a beast? Ralph
Who agrees with Ralph about the reality of this beast, but organizes a hunt for it anyway? Jack
*Ralph holds a two-fold mission statement. What are the two parts of the statement? 1. Boy=Have fun 2. Growing up= Get rescued
*Why do they need a fire? To enhance the potential of rescue
What do the b boys attempt to do at first to start the fire? Rubbing two sticks together
*What did the boys use to start the fire? The sun focused through Piggy’s Glasses
While the boys argue about the fire, what happens? The fire spreads, and turns into a full scale wildfire
*Who is the first boy to die? Boy with the birthmark
What happens when the boy with the birthmark dies? The rest of the boys feel shame
How does the first boy die? It is not made certain; All we know is that he wandered off a while back and no one knew
Why do the boys feel ashamed after the death of the first boy? They feel guilty that nobody cared enough about everyone’s well-being to check whether every boy was present or not.
Who Said It? “How do you expect to be rescued if you can’t put first things first and act proper?” Piggy (pg. 45)
Who Said It? “I told you to. I told you to get a list of names!” Ralph (pg. 46)
Who Said It? “We’ll have rules! Lots of rules! Then when anyone breaks em-“ Jack (pg. 33)

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