Lord of the Flies: Chapter 2

What is the rule Ralph establishes? Whoever holds the conch speaks and only the chief can interrupt.
Who is the only one who can interrupt someone speaking? Ralph, he is the chief.
What are two of the books that are mentioned that remind the boys about the adventure they hope to have one the island? Treasure island..swallows and amazons..corral island
What description does the narrator give us of the six year old boy who tells the older boys what he has found? Mulberry colored birthmark on the side of his face. A “shrimp”.
What does this boy tell the older boys ? There is a Beastie in the woods and it came and tried to eat him in the night.
What happens to this boy? Disappears after the fire..assumed to have died in it.
What does Jack say he will do if there is a beastie? Hunt and kill it.
What evidence does Ralph give the other boys to persuade them that they will be rescued? There are no unknown islands, the Queen has pictures of all the islands
What does Ralph suggest they do to help themselves get rescued? Start a fire at the top of the mountain
What do Jack and Ralph embarrassingly realize? They don’t know how to go about lighting the fire.
What does Jack suggest using to start a fire? Piggy’s glasses.
Why does Ralph think the fire is no good? Only flame, no smoke.
How does Simon defend piggy? By pointing out that they used his glasses.
What did the boys accidentally do? Let the fire get out of control.
What does Piggy say they should have done before a fire? Make shelters.

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