Lord of the Flies (Chapter 2)

What rule concerning the conch is made? Whoever is holding the conch has the right to speak
What does Piggy attempt to call the group’s attention to? That no one knows that they’ve crashed on this island
How does the talk of the “beasties” affect the boys? It makes them all a little nervous that there may be a monster out there
At this time, Ralph says the boys appear to have 2 goals. What are they? Have fun/get rescued and light a fire
How does the group react to Ralph’s suggestion they they build a fire? How does Piggy describe their actions? The group is excites but Piggy says they are being childless and stupid
How does Piggy treat a small boy? What does this tell us about Piggy? He is very caring and patient which shows he is the most mature, adult-like person
How do they manage to start a fire? They used dead wood and Piggy’s glasses to focus the sunlight to set the wood on fire
What responsibility has Jack taken on for his choir? That the Hunters will manage the fire and keep it going
What goes wrong? Tree catches on fire
Do you see symbolism here? Chaos just like the world at that time
What is going on in the adult world at the time? WWII
Who is missing? The Littlun with the Mulberry-marked face

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