Lord of the flies-chapter 12

Where does Ralph first hide from his parents? Right next to castle rock.
Who gives Ralph meat from jack’s feast? Samneric
Why did SAM & Eric join Jack’s tribe? They was getting tortured by them.
What has Roger prepared for Ralph? Roger has prepared to kill Ralph and cut his head off and put it on a spear or stake.
How does Jack’s tribe flush Ralph from hiding? They set that part that Ralph was hiding on fire.
What does Ralph discover when he flees to the beach? Ralph discovers that a ship has come to rescue them.
How does Jack look on the beach? jack appeared with his choir cap on, and Piggy’s glasses on his belt, he didn’t have no makeup on.
What boy can not remember his name? Percival Wemys Madison can not remember his name.
Who takes responsibility for the events on the island? Ralph takes responsibility for the admitting to being the leader, Jack consider speaking up, but it was silent.
Why is the natural officer disappointed in the boys? He was disappointed because he said that’s not the boys he know and they can be more better than what they was doing.

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