Lord Of the Flies Chapter 11

At the start of this chapter, Piggy says: ‘awful things has been done on this island.’ Explain at least three examples of things to which he might be referring. -killing of the boy with the mulberry birthmark, who was pushed into the fire- brutal killing of Simon by all the boys- Jack and the hunters raiding Ralph’s camp and stealing the fire and glasses
Why does Ralph insist that they wash and clean up before they go to see Jack’s tribe? For Ralph, rules and civilization are extremely important and he doesn’t want to descend into savagery like Jack has done. Ralph even says: “Supposing we go, looking like we used to, washed and hair brushed – after all we aren’t savages really”
Who ‘protested out of the heart of civilization’? And what does this mean? Sameneric say this. What this means is that they try to argue against their capture on the grounds that it is not civilized behavior. Unfortunately though, they are talking to those who have turned savage and their pleas carry little weight.
Explain the symbolism behind the destruction of the conch. As the conch has always been a symbol of civilization and order, its shattering is symbolic of the complete breakdown of society on the island and the descent into savagery.
What happens to Piggy at the end of chapter 11? Roger pushed the boulder off the cliff and it landed on, crushed, and killed Piggy. He was holding the conch and it was shattered when the rock landed on Piggy

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