Lord of the Flies (Chapter 11)

Why does Ralph think that “dressing like they were” would assist them in dealing with Jack? He thinks it’ll be a reminder that they aren’t savages and that they can still be civilized
How does the contrast of the paint and smoke on page 173 symbolize the two forces that are motivating the boys? Jack’s group was symbolized by the smoke and them being “evil” against Ralph, who was symbolized by fire and his group being “good”
How does Golding subtly begin to portray Jack’s group as heathen? By calling the savages and not their real names
Why were the boys so scared of war paint? Because its a sign of savagery
Why didn’t Ralph want to tie his hair back? He didn’t want to be portrayed as girly
Describe what happened when Ralph and Jack confront each other about Piggy’s glasses. They fight twice because Jack no longer will listen to Ralph
What happened to Piggy and the conch? List the events. Then Jack pushes a boulder that hit Piggy holding the conch and they felt off the cliff and smashed

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