Lord of the Flies Chapter 10

Who is left on Ralph’s side of the island? Ralph, Piggy and Samneric
About what is Ralph feeling guilty? He feels guilty about how he’s participated in Simon’s murder
What weapon does Jack’s tribe have to protect the entrance of the Castle Rock? A giant boulder on a lever
What does Robert tell Roger that Jack is going to do He’s going to take them hunting
What do Ralph, Piggy and and Samneric decide about the fire? They were going to guard 2 at a time for 12 hours and they would not keep it going at night.
What does Ralph recall hearing from Simon and seeing in the sky? “He said something about dead man” and saw a figure in a parachute.
What injuries did Samneric suffer from the night before Sam had a scratch on his forehead and Eric had a split lip
What is Robert’s job? guard the entrance of Castle Rock.
What does Jack steal? Piggy’s glasses.

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