Lord of the Flies Chapter 10

At the beginning of chapter 10, who is left in Ralph’s group, and how do they respond to the death of Simon? Piggy, Samneric, and some littluns. Piggy makes up excuses and says that Simon’s death was an accidentSamneric are in denial of the events of the night
What is it that causes Roger to say that Jack is ‘a proper chief’? Do you agree with his assessment of Jack’s leadership? Jack has defense mechanisms in place on castle rock. The boys believe that a good leader is someone who is forceful, however that could cause problems.
How does Jack account for the death of Simon? Jack says that they couldn’t have possibly killed the beast, which is Simon.
Explain the meaning behind the title of this chapter. “The Shell and the Glasses” is the titleUp until this point in the novel, the conch has been a symbol of power but now, the power has shifted and Piggy’s glasses have become the most valuable thing on the island as they are the only thing that will start a fire
Why doesn’t Jack take the conch when he invades the beach settlement? Jack and the hunters only came to Ralph’s settlement to take Piggy’s glasses. Jack has said that the conch has no power on his side of the island and that he has no use for it.

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