Lord of the Flies: Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

What major characteristics do we get of the first boy? fair boy; good
What major characteristics do we get of the second boy? fat
What happened to the plane that made these boys stranded on the island? it was shot
What are the two boys’ names? Ralph and Piggy
Why can’t Piggy run or swim? because of his asthma
How does Ralph behave when he learns what people call Piggy at home? he laughs
What does Ralph’s father do for a living and why does this provide hope for Ralph? commaner of the Navy. His dad will rescue him
What did Piggy’s aunt do for a living? And why did he live with her? owns a candy store. His dad had died
According to Piggy, why is it likely no one, including the people at the airport, knows where they are? he thinks there was an atomic bomb an they all died
What does Ralph find and what oes he use the item for? conch shell. Signals other people on the island
What are the names of the twins? Sam and Eric
Explain the outfits of the last group of boys to arrive at the platform all black, strange
Instead of introducing himself by Jack, how does J ack introduce himself? meridew
What does Ralph suggest is necessary for helping out with their rescue? get a chief to decide things
What does Jack argue? he’s the lead boy of the chair and can sing c-sharp
What does Roger suggest? it should be a vote
What three boys go on the exploration to see if they are indeed on an island? Ralph, Jack an Simon
What item does Jack have? knife
What job does Ralph give Piggy? take names
What type of animal do the three boys see? pig
Why does it get away? Jack was afraid (Hunt #1)
What does Jack promise about “next time”? he will kill the pig
What rule does Ralph establish? in order to talk, you must have the conch
Who is the only one who can interrupt someone speaking? Ralph
What description does the narrator give of the six-year-old boy who tells the older boys about the snake-thing? he is a shrimp of a boy. One side of his face is blotted with a mulberry-colored birth mark
What does this boy tell the older boys about the snake-thing, beastie? it tries to eat you and looks like the creepers. Comes out at night
What is Ralph’s reaction to the beastie? he thinks the kid had an nighmare and laughs
What does Jack say he will do if there is a beastie? they will hunt it and kill it
What evidence does Ralph give the other boys to persuade them that they will be rescued? the Queen has maps of all the islands
What does Ralph suggest they do to help themselves get rescued? make a fire and signal passing ships
What do Ralph and Jack embarrassingly realize? they don’t know how to start a fire
What oes Jack suggest using to start a fire Piggy’s specs
Why does Ralph think the fire is no good? it didn’t make much smoke
How does Simon defend Piggy? he said Peggy helped by lending the glasses to start the fire
What did the boys accidentally do? (no answer given)
What does Piggy say they should have done before starting a fire? they should have made more shelters

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