lord of the flies chapter 1-4 quiz

during the night, what would simon often sneak out to do? think in his private place
what are ralphs leadership qualities? represents leadership, the properly socialized and civilized young man.
what are piggys leadership qualities? Great intelligence, he acts as Ralphs advisor, represents the rational world, great science and intellect
what are jacks leadership qualities? Represents evil and violence, the dark side of human nature.
Who gets to go exploring? Ralph, Jack, and Simon go exploring, Piggy wants to go exploring but he cannot go because they say that they hold him back, they say that he can take names, and that’s all.
describe the island. There was granite on the cliffs, there were creepers (vines) in trees, it was forest like, there were shattered rocks, there was a glimpse of the sea
At their second meeting, rules are established. What are some? To talk you must raise your hand and be given the conch to talk/ No parents so it will be fun. If you break the rules you will be hit (jack wants to hit/ hunt)
when ralph, jack, and simon saw the first of the island’s little pigs, they do not kill the pig. why? jack couldn’t get past the thought of taking a living thing’s life. he hesitated and the pig escaped.
The littluns are referred to as… the smaller boys on the island
what is the scar? where the plane crashed
What truth does Piggy try to convey? Is he believed They think the airport/ adults know where they are, people are going to find them. The boys dont want to believe him
Describe where Simon goes to be alone. Why does he do this? The place is in the wilderness, he stays there at night, and is not afraind of the dark. he comunes with anture. Senses come alice. Opening inner nature
Describe the typical pattern a day and night follows. Morning: Bright sun, the whelming sea and sweet air, as a time when play was good and life was so full of hope.Noon: the floods of light fell more nearly to perpendicular, the shark colors of the morning was smoothed in perl opalsecene. The heat had momentum, kids lyingin the shad possibly sleepingEnd of afer noon: the mirage subsided/ the herizon became level while the sun declined.Darkness: dropped the isalnd was like an extinguisher and soon the shelters were full of restlessness
Describe what happens at the beach between the littluns and biguns. The littluns are laying in the sand, building castles, minding their own business when the biguns come and kick them over
Why does Roger throw a stone at Henry ” to miss”? It has to do with control. He thinks he will get intoruble if he hits him. He wants to invoke fear in the littluns
What does the painted face do for Jack But the paint turns out to be more than camouflage. It doesn’t just make Jack look like something else (say, part of the forest); it actually makes him into something else.
in chapter four, What is happening to the scar where the plane crashed? Life is starting to grown in there. Plants are growing and the land is starting to become even. There was an undergrowth engulfing the scar running through the scar gave ralph cuts
How has the choir changed in chapter four? What are they saying They have forgotten all about their dutties and about being rescued, they are completely savage. The choir does not help out and they all have shed their clothing and are nacked
How is Jack changing? What is his main concern? He is becoming very agressive, more savage. He is becoming uptight and sunburn. He is stalking the pig runs and becoming somewhat obsessed. He is no longer civilized anymore. All he cares about is the hunt.
What leadership problem is Ralph encountering? Jack and Ralph both want power. They are getting nothing done and people barley listen
what is simons prediction to ralph? that he’ll get back alright
what is an antigonist a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or something; an adversary.
who is the only boy who remains too help ralph? simon
who finds the conch shell? ralph
what does the conch shell symbolize? a powerful symbol of civilization
where is the island? somewhere in the pacific
why is ralph elected cheif? Ralph is chosen as chief because he blew the conch that led them all together, and it imbued him with power in the other boys’ eyes.
who are the first two boys that we learn about in the book? piggy and ralph
at first what does ralph think that the unhabited island is?
why was a fire to be burning at all times? ralph is determined to keep the fire burning as a signal for rescue
who was the first “littlun” to tell the assembly about the “beastie”? the boy with the mulberry birthmark
what makes this story somewhat unique? there are no adults on the island
why did jack refuse to give piggy some meat? jack hated piggy
in addition to the choirs hunting duties, what else were they responsible for? tending the fire
why do the boys taunt piggy? his clumsinesshis fatnesshis myopia (nearsightedness)
when the plane crashed, where were the boys enroute to? to a safer place for the duration of the war
who is the author of this novel? william golding
the oldest boy in the island is how many years old? 12
what do we see happening at the end of chapter four? that the hunters brought the kill
how did the boys start the fire? by using piggy’s glasses
what is the significance of the boys abandoning the signal fire? complete degeneration (worsening)
what are the boy s representatives of? best breeding and education of their society
what desire did jack become possessed by (1)? being rescued
who is constantly and cruelly treated? piggy
what desire did jack become possesed by (2)? hunt
why did the boys have to look after themselves? because there was no adult in charge
what does the conch shell become a symbol of? authority
what did the choir boys become? “soldiers or hunters”
how was henry protected from the stones that roger was throwing? the conditioning of civilization
what is jacks last name? merridew
what is the nationality of the boys? british

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