Lord of the Flies Ch. 7-12

coverts thick underbrush providing cover
obtuseness dullness; flatness; lack of sharp edges
luxuriance having rich or profuse growth
impervious incapable of being affected
rebuke to criticize or reprimand
sanctity sacredness; godliness
maternal relating to motherhood
cynicism attitude scornful of the motives or virtues of others
derision scorn or ridicule
assimilating absorbing
purged freed from impurities
myopia a visual defect like nearsightedness
propitiatingly appeasingly; trying to please
pinnacles tall, pointed formations
truculently disposed to fight
eclipsed obscured; blocked from view
inimical unfriendly; hostile
elephantine ponderously clumsy
crepitation crackling sound
excruciatingly intensely; painfully
glamour magic spell; enchantment

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