Lord of the flies ch. 6

What is the title of chapter 6? Beast from air
At the end of Chapter 5 Ralph asked for a sign from adults. At the begging of chapter 6 he gets one, and it is not good. What is the sign? An adult landed on the island via parachute. but he is dead, and was killed by other adults.
What is Sam and Eric’s new name? Samneric
What did Samneric do while they were on signal fire duty? fall asleep
Why are the twins happy? ralph is mad at jack not them
What does Eric see, but not know what it is? the Parachutist
What does the wind do to the man in the parachute? pulls on the parachute, lifting his head up an down.
What does Eric think the man is? A monster
What happens when the win fills the parachute cloth with air? it makes a scary sound, so the twins get up and run away
What was ralph dreaming of when Samneric woke him up? Home
What did Samneric tell ralph that they saw? The beast
Who does Ralph ask where the spears are? Piggy
What did the twins tell Ralph when he was going to go see the beast? That it was too dangerous
What do the boys wait in the shelter for? The sun to come out
Why was Ralph afraid to blow the conch shell? He did not want the beast to hear it
What do Eric and Sam say that they had seen? A furry beast that had wings, teeth, and claws. Also they saw something had moved behind its head, and the beast had followed them by “Slinking behind the trees.”
What did Ralph notice that Eric had on his face? Blood, from scratches
How did Eric get scratched on his face? He was scratched by branches while running away from the beast
Who slapped Johnny? Bill
Why did Bill slap Johnny? He was crying
What did Jack say it was time for? a real hunt
What does Ralph think it is stupid to hunt with? wooden spears
What does Ralph say it is reasonable to be? Afraid
After Ralph asked the twins if they were telling the truth about seeing the beast, what did they say? That they were telling the truth
What characteristic about piggy does ralph not like? That he is ALWAYS afraid
Why does Ralph say the boys cannot stay in the shelter? They need to keep the signal fire going
Who stayed behind to protect the littluns? Piggy
Who said that no one needs the conch, and that some people just need t learn to be quiet? Jack
What does jack do when ralph asks him to sit down? He does not, and everyone else becomes very nervous
Who said that the job of dealing with the beast belongs to him? Jack
What is the only part of the island that Jack has not gone to? The end of the island where rocks are piled up, making a bridge that leads up to rock formation called “the castle”
As the boys are walking on their way to find the beast, who is at the front of the line? Jack
As the boys are walking on their way to find the beast, who is at the end of the line? Ralph
What is the only beast Simon can think of? “A human at once heroic and sick”
What does simon wish? That he was a good speaker, he wants respect
What happened to simon when he slowed down to walk with ralph? he walked into a tree
When the boys reach the narrow strip of rocks leading to the castle rock, who did Jack let take the lead? Ralph
What did jack say would make a good fort? castle rock
What did jack say he could do with the rock found on top of castle rock? push it down the path and kill an enemy (ralph was uncomfortable with jack’s excitement about killing)
When all the boys were on castle rock, what did they start doing? playing, and throwing rocks

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