Lord of the flies ch. 5

What is the name of chapter 5? Beast from water
What is the name of the log that ralph is sitting on? The chief’s log
What does Ralph realize that a chief needs to be? wise
Who is the true thinker? Piggy
What is a symbol of Ralph’s authority? The conch
What has happened to the conch because it has been in the sun? It has faded almost to white
What do the older boys feel when Ralph calls the meeting? They are nervous, because they know that ralph is angry because they let the signal fire go out.
What do the little boys feel when Ralph calls a meeting? They feel that the mood is serious
What does Ralph address at the meeting? That the boys had not done any of the things they had agreed to do
When Ralph mentions the signal fire at the meeting what does Jack do? Whispers something to Robert, but we don’t know what he said.
What does Ralph say the boys need to be willing to do for the signal fire? Die, in order to keep it going
What does Ralf say is more important than pig? Smoke
What does Ralf say is the only place that the hunters can cook? The signal fire, there will be no more small cooking fires
What does Ralph remind the boys when they were not happy with his decisions? That they elected him chief and they must do as he says
Why does Ralph say it is important to talk about their fears? So that the boys can be happy again, and see that there is nothing to fear
What does jack say when he gets the conch shell? He says that– the littluns started making people afraid by talking about a beast. He says that the littluns need to stop being cry babies and deal with the fear. There is no beast. Jack tells the littluns that fear cannot hurt them anymore that a dream can.
What does piggy say when he gets the conch? Piggy says– that he agrees with Jack that there is no beast. What would the beast eat? The kids say that a beast would eat pigs. They laugh and call out, “Piggy!” Finally piggy says that he knows life is scientific and there is no beast.
Finish this statement made by piggy; There is no need for fear unless you get frightened of ______. people
What is the name of the Littlun who asked for the conch? Phil
What did Phil say happened in the night? He said — that last night he had had a dream where he was outside of the shelter by himself fighting with the twisty things in the trees. The he had woken up, found that he was outside the shelter, alone and in the dark. Then when he was awake he saw something big and horrid in the forest.
What did Ralph say to Phil? That it was all a nightmare and he must have walked in his sleep
Who said that they intentionally left the shelter at night? Simon
Why did Simon say he left the shelter? To go to a place in the forest that he likes
What does Jack say that Simon mast have need to do? Use the bathroom
What is the name of the shy littlun? Percival
Who does Percival remind Ralph of? The boy with the birthmark who died
How does Maurice make the littluns laugh? by falling off a log and acting silly
Why does Percival almost fall down? Because he is so tiered from crying
Where does Percival say the beast lives? the sea
When Maurice gets the conch, what does he say to piggy? That science has not discovered everything and there could in-fact be a beast
How does Ralph feel when he has to blow on the conch to stop everyone from arguing? like he was breaking up sanity
To Ralph’s surprise, what does Simon suggest that the beast could be? the boys, themselves
How doe the boys respond to Simon’s idea? they all disagree
What else do the boys suggest that the beast could be? a ghost (most of the boys say they believe in ghosts)
Who start fighting for the shell? Jack and piggy
What does Jack say about Ralph? That there is no reason for him to be cheif
What does jack say when he is told that he is breaking the rules? Who cares?!
What does jack say that the boys do not need? any rules
What does jack lead the boys down the beach saying? That they can kill any beast
What does Piggy compare jack too? an asthma attack
What does ralph consider doing? no longer being cheif
Do piggy or Simon agree with Ralph about him quitting? No, because then jack will become the leader
What do the boys wish were on the island? Adults
At the end of the chapter, who did we discover had never left the meeting place? Percival

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