Lord of the Flies Ch. 4-6 Reading Review

Who helped kick over the littluns’ sandcastles? (Ch. 4) Roger
The most intelligent by (who is never listened to!) Piggy
Who saw the ship when the fire went out? (Ch. 4) Ralph
What was one of the discussion topics during the assembly that nobody could agree on? (Ch. 5) If the Beast was real or “all in their heads”
Which group of characters doesn’t help out with anything? (Ch. 4) The Littluns
Who was playing with the strange tidal creatures? (Ch. 4) Henry
After the hunt, who cut the pig’s throat? (Ch. 4) Jack
Who is the character that has gone missing? The boy with the mulberry birthmark
What did Jack accomplish in Ch. 4? He successfully hunted and killed the pig
What was “the beast?” (Ch. 6) A WWII parachuter/pilot ejected from a plane
Who wants to use the new piece of land? Why? Jack. He has fun with the rocks and sees it as an opportunity to gain leadership and control if he has his own land
Why do Piggy and Simon beg Ralph to stay the leader? (Ch. 5) They are afraid of Jack and worried about staying as civilized and human as possible
What does the conch shell represent? Leadership and authority; rules
What do Piggy’s specs represent? Intelligence; ability to start fire
What does the fire represent? Rescue and civilization; destruction and chaos

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