Lord of the Flies- Ch. 12: Cry of the Hunters

Why does Ralph believe that the savages will not let him alone? Because of the hatred between himself and Jack, he expects that Jack will get the savages after him. The deaths of Piggy and Simon assure him that he will be hunted.
Although he doesn’t like the idea of savages, why does Ralph have such a strong desire to spend the night with them at Castle Rock? He wants to be with humans for the companionship and protection from the chaos and fear of the night, but he realizes that they see him as the enemy. “cos I had some sense.” (Pg. 186)
When Ralph asks Samneric what the savages plan to do with him if they catch him, what is the boys’ response? What does the response suggest? Roger has sharpened a stick at both ends, exactly the same phrase used to describe the stick that had been used to put the head of the pig on display, and which Ralph has as a weapon.
Why does Ralph have a hard time believing that the savages plan to do him seriousphysical harm? Ralph still views them as English school kids, not bloodthirsty savages and cannot understand the use for a stick sharpened at both ends.
What tactic do the savages use to get Ralph out of the tangled undergrowth? They roll large boulders through it and then set it on fire.
What does Ralph note about the self-destructive nature of this pursuers? The savages set the island on fire, and in the fire their fruit and meat will be destroyed. He asked, “what would they eat tomorrow?” (pg. 198)
Find the metaphor and alliteration on page 200. He … became fear; hopeless fear on flying feet rushing through the forest. “
To the officer, what does it appear that the boys are doing? Why was he disappointed in them? He thought they might have only been playing a game. He is disappointed because he thought that English boys would have made a better attempt at retaining their civility.
After condemning the boys for their behavior, the author points out that the officer eyes his boat at anchor. After taking the boys on board, what will be the cruiser’s job? They are, ironically, going to search out and destroy the enemy.
A microcosm is a miniature world that mirrors the larger world. Consider the two previous questions and state how the island turns out to be a microcosm. Just as the savagery of the boys prompt them to try to hunt down and kill their enemy, Ralph, the man on the cruiser are also out to hunt down and destroy their enemy. But if the cruiser rescues the boys, who is to rescue the cruiser and it’s crew?
In the miniature island world, what is it that these boys represent: Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Roger, and Simon? Ralph: represent civilization with its democratic processes Piggy: represents rational thought with its imperfections and gradual breakdown.Jack: represent savage beneath the surface which, give the proper conditions, surfaces and manifests itself in a irresponsible power and a self-destructive anarchy.Roger: represents the sadism of people, which erupts when there are no civilizing checks to restrain it.Simon: of all the characters, represents the spiritual side of man. He hears the Lord of the flies speak and is the first to realize that the beast is within each of us, but because of his nervousness he cannot articulate this understanding. In the end, when he tries to tell the others, he is killed.
In the next to last paragraph, we are told that Ralph cries. put into your own words the reason Ralph is crying. Ralph’s realization of the evil that is in the world and in the hearts of people. The once-innocent Ralph is innocent no longer.

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