Lord of the Flies Ch. 1-5

The boy with fair hair walks toward the lagoon Ralph
What tragedy happened on the island? The plane crashed
What sickness does Piggy have? Asthma
What does Piggy wear that he can’t live without? Specs
How old is Ralph 12
What does Ralph’s father do? Works at the naval office
What happened to Piggy’s parents? They died
Who does Piggy live with? His aunt
What does Piggy’s aunt give him too much of? Candy
Does Ralph believe his father will come and save them? Yes
Does Piggy and Ralph know if there are any survivors? No
What does Ralph find? Shell – conch
What idea does Piggy get from the conch? To use the conch to see if there are any survivors
After all the boys come together, what do they realize? That there are not any grown ups
Who is leader of the choir boys Jack
Why do the choir boys say that Jack should be the leader? Because he can sing a C sharp
Matching Ralph. a. the intelligent oneJack. b. holds conch, tall, attractivePiggy. c. the obvious leader Ralph – bJack – cPiggy – a
Who is chosen leader? Ralph
Who becomes the hunters of the island? Jack and the choir boys
Who is chosen to explore the island? Ralph, Jack, Simon
What do the boys discover? A mountain with large rocks on top
What does Jack do to the rocks? He moves one rock from the mountain and it crashes into the forest
What literary device is this. Foreshadowing
What happens when Jack sees the piglet? He fails to slay it with his knife
What 3 things does Ralph announce at the meeting? a. We are alone on this islandb. We need hunters for foodc. Whoever hold the conch has permission to speak
What does one child claim he saw in the forest? A “beastie”
What does Ralph say about the beastie? He says there is no beastie
What are the boys’ goals? a. We want to have funb. We want to be rescued
The boys agree that they are not what? Savages
What do they say they are? English The best at civilization
What does Ralph tell the boys that they need to make? A fire at the top of the mountain
Why do they need to make this? A signal for passing ships to come and rescue them
What does Ralph use to start the fire? Piggy’s specs
What was the problem with the first fire? Only flames and no smoke. Boyd exhaust themselves trying to keep flames red
Who volunteers to attend the fire and keep it alive? Jack volunteers his hunters
How much of the forest did they burn with the first fire? A quarter mile
What does Piggy scold the boys for? For abandoning the shelter for the fire building project
What does Piggy scold the leaders for? For not taking count of the littleuns
They questioned what happened to the littleun with the birthmark on his face the same one who feared the “beastie”. What does Ralph fear? That he was burned in the fire.
What is Jack and Ralph & Simon failing to do? Jack – fails to hunt pigRalph & Simon – fails to build hut
What mounts between Ralph and Jack? Tension
Why are shelters needed for the littleuns? Because they keep having nightmares
What does Jack want to accomplish before they get rescued? Capture the pig
What does Ralph realize about the work they are doing? He realizes that Jack enjoys his work while Ralph and Simon do not
Simon leaves the shelters and…? Goes off by himself and explores
What is happening on a daily basis? a. Eat fruit most of the dayb. Victims of stomach aches and chronic diarrhea c. Are filthy and dirty
What is Henry on that specific afternoon? Tenuous leader
Who are Roger and. Maurice? Two of Jack’s hunters
What does Roger do when he sees Henry near the tide? Throws rocks at him but careful not to touch him
What does Jack call Roger to do? Paint his face in order to blend into the forest and catch the pig. “They don’t smell me, they see me.”
What does Piggy suggest they build? Clock – a sundial
What is Ralph’s reaction to Piggy’s idea. He mocks the idea by suggesting a TV set or an airplane.
What does Ralph see on the horizon Smoke – ship
What do the boys think? That the ship will see their smoke on the horizon
What do the boys realize when they run to the top of the mountain? The fire was dead
What does Ralph do? Shouts over the ship
What do the hunters say as they return with Jack in the lead? “Kill the pig, cut her throat, spill her blood.”
Ralph tells Jack, “you let the fire go out. ” what is Jack’s reaction to this? Jack is dead to those words. The promise of meat dominates his mind
What does Jack do out of anger at the public scolding? Hits and breaks one side of Piggy’s specs
What literary device is this? Foreshadowing

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