Lord of the Flies

Setting Time- 1940’sPlace- On a pacific island of the coast of EuropeAtmoshere/ Mood- The feeling on the island varied in different places with hate, fear, and savegry.
Character- Ralph Fair Hair, Tall, Golden body, Brown eyes, skinny.Ralph is a catalytic charecter because his feelings changed twored piggy when piggy died.
Character- Jack Tall, Choir boy, Red hair, skinny, leader of his own tribe, savege, and face paint.Jack is a catalytic character because he changed from being a nice choir boy to a savege hunter/leader.
Character- Piggy Short, fat, has specs, intricate, dresses like a school boy.Piggy is static because he dose not change throughout the novel.
Character- Simon Shy, small, hunter, is killed by Jack, not afraid of the beast.Simon is a static character because he did not change how he was throughout the novel.
Character- Roger Short, killed piggy, black hair, gloomy, not sociable.Roger is a dynamic charecter because he was changed from a nice choir boy to a savege killer because of Jack.
Character- Sam’nEric Twins, quiet, hunters, face paint.The twins are dynamic characters because they were changed to savege by Jack and then they were changed back to how they were by Ralph.
Character- Liluns Smallest kids, cant hunt, cant workStatic charecters because they did not do anything throughout the novel.
Character- Lord of the flies Evil, sows head, was killed by jack then put on a spear for the beast.Lord of the flies is a static charecter because it did not do anything throughout the book exept for talking to simon.
Plot- Exposition The exposition of the book was that a plane crashes on a pacific island and there are no adults on the island and all the kids met at the begining of the novel.
Plot- Internal Conflicts The conflicts are that Jack feels like inside that he should start his own tribe and in Ralphs mind he feels sometimes that he should step down from being Cheif of the tribe.
Plot- External conflicts The conflics are that Jack and Ralph are always fighting amunsed eachother.
Plot- Rising action The rising action in the book is when the fire goes out and ralph gets mad at jack who then starts fighting with Ralph alot.
Plot-Climax The climax of the book is when Jack kills Simon.
Plot-Falling action The falling action in the novel is when piggy died and the tribe started to go after Ralph to kill him.
Plot- Resolution The resolution is when Ralph and the boys got saved by the naval officer.
Symbols- Conch Shell The Conch represents orginization,assembly, law, and power.
Symbols- Piggys Glasses Piggys glasses represent knowlege
Symbols- Signal fire The signal fire represents rescue, and help.
Symbols- Beast The beast represents evil.
Freudian Concepts- Id The id charecter is Jack because he is savage and kills everything he can because he is evil.
Freudian Concepts- Ego The ego is piggy because he is the charecter who does not change his veiw of life throughout the novel.
Freudian Concepts- Superego The superego is Ralph because he is trying to be a true leader who wants everyone to be nice to everyone else and he wants the kids to work together so thet they could get rescued.
Theme- Civilized to Savage Civilized to savege would be a theme because jack was a civilized choir boy and so were the the rest of the choir boys who all became savage hunters.
Theme- Loss of innocence Loss of inoccence is a theme because of the fact that all the boys were inoccent and only one stayed innocent and that one person was piggy.

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