Lord of the Flies

aunt Piggy indicates that he was raised by his
in the navy Ralph’s father is
a conch shell What do Ralph and Piggy find at the bottom of the lagoon?
he is holding the conch The boys elect Ralph because
Ralph and Jack At the beginning, which boys immediately like one another?
Jack and Piggy Which boys immediately express a dislike for another?
he was head boy at school Jack says he should be leader because
Simon The boy who faints is
Simon Who joins Ralph and Jack in their exploration of the island?
Jack Who wields a knife but hesitates to kill a piglet?
hold the conch In order to speak at a meeting, a boy has to
a little boy with a birthmark on his face Who says he saw the beast?
to serve as a rescue signal Why does Ralph want a fire on the mountain?
with Piggy’s glasses How do the boys start a fire?
hunting While Ralph sees shelter as a priority, Jack is more interested in
Simon Who helps Ralph build huts?
Simon Who has found a special place in the forest?
morning As time goes on, the happiest time each day is
throws rocks around him What does Roger do to Henry?
the signal fire goes out Ralph becomes very angry because
the signal fire According to Ralph, in the speech he plans so carefully, what is the top priority?
Simon sneaking off at night One of the littluns thought he saw a beat. What was it really?
a giant squid The boys argue about whether the beast from water might be
Jack Piggy admits that he fears
a dead paratrooper What lands on the island at night?
Samneric The beast on the mountain is first noticed by
rolling rocks into the sea. When the boys go to Castle Rock to look for the beast, they have fun by
Simon Who predicts that Ralph will get home eventually?
Roger Who joins Ralph and Jack on the climb up the mountain to confront the beast?
a great ape Golding says that the beast on the mountain looks like
Jack Who decides to leave the group and go off on his own?
Piggy Who suggests that they built the signal fire on the beach?
a sow Jack and his hunters kill
Jack’s savagery and cruelty. The killing demonstrates
a pig’s head What does Jack leave as a tribute to the beast?
Simon Who witnesses the killing?
the conch Piggy thinks Jack wants to steal
Simon Who thinks he has a conversation with the Lord of the Flies?
the Lord of the Flies Who says, “You knew, didn’t you? I’m part of you… I’m the reason why it’s no go?”
Simon faints What happens at the end of Ch. 8?
Simon Who discovers what the beast on the mountain really is?
He has a pig roast. What does Jack do with the sow’s body?
food and protection from the beast. Jack promises his followers
blows out to sea. The paratrooper’s body
the whole group Simon is killed by
Piggy Who insists that Simon’s death was an accident?
Ralph Who most clearly realizes what happened when Simon died?
Jack Who is in charge of Castle Rock?
one the twins. In the nighttime fight with the hunters, Ralph beats up
Piggy’s glasses. The hunters raid the hut to get
politely requesting them. Piggy decides to get his glasses back by
Samneric. Jack directs his hunters to seize and tie up
a boulder What kills Piggy?
It is shattered. What happens to the conch?
the pig’s head What does Ralph knock over?
hide from the hunters. Ralph decides to
a stick sharpened at both ends. What threatening device have the hunters prepared?
Jack Ironically, who starts the fire that brings rescue?
a navy officer. Whom does Ralph encounter on the beach?
crying. At the end of the novel, Ralph is

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