Literature (Play Terms, The Tempest, Shakespeare)

What is the preliminary event? The events that take place before the action of the play that is directly related to the play
What is the initial incident? The event that gets the story going
What is the rising action? A series of events following the initial incident and leading up to the dramatic climax
What is the climax? The turning point or high point of a story, when events can go either way
What is the falling action? The series of events following the climax
What is denouement? French word meaning “unraveling;” another term for conclusion
What is the difference between drama and fiction? In fiction, there is no preliminary event, initial incident, or denouement
What are the similarities between fiction and drama? Rising action, falling action, and climax
What is soliloquy? A speech by a single actor who is ALONE on stage- thinking out loud
What is style? Shaping of dramatic material, setting, or costumes in a deliberately non-realistic manner
What is vocal expression? How an actor uses his or her voice to convey character
What is inflection? Change in pitch or loudness of the voice
What is speaking style? The mode of expression or delivery of lines
What is diction? Selection and pronunciation of words; clarity of speech
What is a document including dialogue, characters, acts, and scenes? a script
What is the main idea of a story? The theme
Who is the writer of a play? A playwright
What is the structure where the play is performed? The set
What are the techniques and methods by directors and playwrights? Convection
The acts are divided into… scenes
What are the large sections of a play? Acts
What are the actors guides to movement an language? Stage Directions
Who are the group of people who watch the play? Audience
Who are the actors in the play? Characters
Who is William Shakespeare? A man who was baptized at Stanford- upon-Avon in April 26, 1616; his work and church records part of kings men and given a royal silence.
What was the Globe Theater used for? Summer performances
What was the Black-friars Theater used for? Winter performances
How many plays did Shakespeare write? 38
How many Sonnets? 154
In what year was his first folio written? 1623
What were his tragedies like? A person brought down
What were his comedies like? Love and hot politics?
What were his Histories like? Real people and English kings
What were his romances like? humor, dramatic, and action
What is a verse? writing arranged with rhythm typically having rhyme
What are prose? written or spoken language in its ordinary form without metrical stance
What is iambic pentameter? syllables in a unstressed stressed and in Dee-dum pattern
What is an aside? A short comment by an actor to the audience or other characters; not meant to be overheard
What is a monologue? a long unintended speech given by a character
What is soliloquy? A speech in which a character gives private thought to the audience
What was the name of the fairy like creature in The Tempest and what his job? Ariel and he was Prospero’s slave
Who was Miranda in love with? Ferdinand
Who was the boy who worked for Prospero and who were the two drunkards he met? Caliban; Stefano and Trinculo
What was the storyline of The Tempest? A boat sinks and everyone is stranded on an island. There are the bad guys who want to kill the good guys so they are devising a plan so that they can become king. Meanwhile Miranda falls in love with Ferdinand. Prospero and Ariel are messing with everybody. Then Caliban Trinculo and Stefano are trying to kill Prospero

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