Literature Macbeth Test

macbeth scottish generalthane of glamiscommits horrible acts to become kingnever comfortable with evil actsmacduff kills him
Banquo Brave coble generalmacbeths friendsons were to be kingskilled by murders sent by macbeth
3 witches make predictions about macbeth
lady macbeth Wants to be queenevilpower hungrykills herself over guilt
King duncan king of scottland kind leaderkilled my macbeth
Macduff scottish noblemansuspicious of macbethmacbeth murdered his wife and childrenkilles macbeth
malcom king duncans sonplots with macduffhe took throne after macbeth
fleance banquos son
donailbain malcoms younger brother king duncans son
Act one witches meet durring a storm after a battleMacbeth and Banquo come back happy because they wonWitches say that banquos sons will be kingand macbeth will be thane of cawdorMalcome is prince of cumberlandlady macbeth wants macbeth to kill the king to be king
act two macbeth goes crazythey kill duncanmacduff finds duncan deadmacbeth is named king
act three banquo thinks that macbeth killed duncanmacbeth hires murders to kill banquo and his sonhis son gets away
act four macbeth meets witches againHead- beware macduffbloody child- no man born of woman can harm ucrowned child with ad tree- save till burnim wood comes to youmacbeth kills macduffs familymurderers kill lady macduff and sonmalcom and army invade scottland
act five doctor comes to see Lady macbeth, cant cure herLady Macbeth sleep walksMacbeth sees the 10,000 men to fight and gets readyLady Macbeth diesa messenger reports a moving forestwhen he hears the forest he rembers the visionMacduff kills Macbeth

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