Literature Final Exam: Hamlet and Don Quixote

The ghost can’t rest because he wants revenge for the injustice done to King Hamlet. The ghost is in purgatory because the King was slain before he could repent of his sins. Why does the ghost of King Hamlet have restless leg syndrome?
What does Prince Fortinbras want from Denmark? He wants revenge for the death of his father who was slain by King Hamlet. He wans the return of some Norwegian land that was taken over by Denmark during the last war.
What is the play within a play and to what purpose is it used? The traveling actors arrive at Elsinore to put on a play. The play is the Murder of Gonzago. Hamlet rewrites a few lines to have the play resemble the actual crimes of Claudius. He calls it the Mousetrap and hopes to catch Claudius (the rat)–he wants to watch his reaction to the play and see if he shows guilt.
Is Hamlet a mean person or is he really just being “cruel to be kind”? There is a method to Hamlet’s madness as Polonius observes. Hamlet claims he must be cruel in order to be kind.
What happens to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? These classmates of Hamlet are recruited by Claudius to spy on Hamlet. They accompany him to England with a letter for Hamlet’s death. Hamlet rewrites the death letter and the two are executed instead of Hamlet. They are snakes, adders that can’t be trusted.
What is the plan that Claudius and Laertes agree to carry out? Laertes agrees to help Claudius kill Hamlet. He blames Hamlet for the death of his father–it was Hamlet that killed him. He blames Hamlet for the death of his sister. He wants some revenge and agrees to the duel. In his dying moments he confesses to Hamlet and blames Claudius for all the troubles.
What do the songs sung by Ophelia reveal? The songs are about death, jilted lovers, and a maiden who lost her virginity. Was she pregnant? Probably so. Clearly the songs foreshadow her impending death and suicide. The grave diggers have a discussion about whether it was accidental or suicide.
Is Gertrude in on the plot with Claudius? She seems to be in the dark about the crime. She is quick to marry but maybe that can be justified as a political move to help maintain stability in the kingdom. The ghost still loves her and to me that implies that she has no guilt in the murder.
How does Hamlet kill Claudius? He stabs him with a poisoned sword and forces him to drink from the poisoned glass of wine that Claudius prepared for Hamlet.
Explain why the play is a revenge play? Revenge plays were popular at the time. An evil person steals the throne and the protagonist seeks revenge. Revenge was part of the Code, justice demands revenge. A lot of characters seek revenge: the ghost, Hamlet, Fortinbras, and Laertes all seek revenge. Revenge drives the plot.
“The Serpent that did sting thy father’s life/ Now wears his crown” Claudius is the “snake” that kills King Hamlet. Claudius is King Hamlet’s brother, but kills him to marry Gertrude and take the throne.
“We’ll ha ‘t tomorrow night. You could for a need, study a speech of some dozen or 16 lines, which I would set down and insert in ‘t, could you not?” Hamlet asks the troupe of the traveling actors to study some of the lines Hamlet wants to edit into the play.
“The play’s the thing/ Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.” Hamlet is using his edited lines in the play to accuse and catch Claudius of the murder of King Hamlet.
Explain the dubbing of Don Quixote
Why can it be said that no two people can read the same Don Quixote? There is some ambiguity that can lead to multiple interpretations of the story.
What is the cause of Don Quixote’s mental problems? He has read so many book his brain has dried up and he goes mad. He believes his reality is just a story and he is a knight.
What is a knight-errant? a medieval knight wanderer in search of adventure
What are the issues presented in the prologue? The author has a writer’s block; he wanders what is in a prologue and waits for his friend to come over to receive some advice

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