Lit Romeo and Juliet

In act one in Romeo and Juliet where and when does the action of the play take place Verona Italy 1550s
Act one and seen one a street brawl between the Capulet and Montague’s and when the prince peers. What does the print say the punishment will be for the next person who disturb the quiet of our street Death
Act one. When we first meet Romeo and seen one he appears distracted. What is Romeo’s problem He is secretly in love with their Roselyn and she is a Capulet
Act one and seems to and three there’s much talk about a possible marriage for Juliet with the young nobleman named Paris. What is her parents attitude toward the marriage Juliet’s father think she needs to wait two more summers but her mother thinks and the nurse thinks that fair Paris is a very hot man
Where and when will Juliet see Paris for the first time The fees/party
For what reason does Benvolio already run me up to go to the party that night at the house of the Lord Capulet Benvolio urges Romeo to get to the party because there will be a lot of better looking women to get his mind off of Roselyn
Act I insane for the mass Mercutio Romeo and then Volio are on their way to the Capulet’s party. What does Mercutio’s long speech about queen map explain The lustful dreams that she gives people
Romeo remember is madly in love with their Roselyn what happens to write me a soon as he first sees Juliet Falls in love at first sight
Act one in scene five Romeo and Juliet fall in love without knowing each other’s identities how does your move find out that Juliet is a Capulet Juliet’s nurse tells Romeo by talking about the lady of the house
Juliet Simms the nurse to find out how Romeo is in your own words tell what Juliet says in lines 135 through 138 She fell in love with the man too soon without knowing that he was her enemy
In act two scene one Benvolio and Mercutio look for Romeo who is avoiding them. Where does Romeo hide himself Romeo is he hides himself in the bushes/Capulet’s Orchard
In act two scene two when it begins Romeo who is in madly in love with Juliet watches her as she stands on her balcony room you can pears Juliet and her eyes to various heavenly bodies what pacific comparisons does he make He compares Julie it’s eyes to the stars and that her cheese close so brightly that stars are ashamed. Also she is a pure jewel on Ethiopia’s ear
Not realizing that room you still listening Julie at the clearest her love for him in your own words summarize what Juliet says She calls out for Romeo she denies her father and refuse is her name because she has sworn her love to Randy oh and she will no longer be a Capulet
What does Juliet ask Romeo to do Ask him to promises love for her and some information about their marriage
In act two scene three ram you tell Sophia Laurent of his love for Juliet. What hope does the fryer express and lines 8586 Friar Lawrence hopes by room is look for Juliet and Juliet’s (their family feuding will come to an end
Act two scene for opens with the conversation between Benvolio and Mercutio what piece of bad news Do we learn in this conversationTybalt has sent me a letter to fight. Double wants to kill Romeo/bite him
What is a important message for Julie at the room he tells the nurse and seen 4 act two That they will be married at friar Lawrence’s cell
Act two scene five provide some comedy. What is funny about the way the nurse tells Juliet Romeo’s message The nurse is complaining about how tired and sore she is
In your own words tell what warning fryer Lawrence gives Romeo and lines 9 through 15 and act two scene six Violent delights have violent ends
At the end of act two what important action is about to take place The marriage of Romeo and Juliet
In act 3 scene one table angrily challenges Romeo to a duel. What is Romeo’s response to Tibbets challenge Romeo does not want to fight him because he’s a Capulet Romeo loves table because Romeo is now married to a Capulet
What does Romeo do to try to stop the fighting between Mercutio and table He gets in the middle of them and tries to push them away from each other
In act three scene one what does the injure Mercutio mean when he says several times a play both your houses He is fed up with both families fighting
Who kills Mercutio Tybalt
After Mercutio dies and the fights with Tibble and kills him what does the prints decree as Romeo’s punishment Romeo is banished from Verona and if he returns he shall be killed
What conflict does Juliet feel when she hears that Romeo has killed her cousin tybalt She feels that she should hate Romeo because he killed Tybalt but she loves Romeo and she does not know if she should mourn or not. She takes Romeo side because Romeo is her husband and her one true love
In act three scene three friar Lawrence tries to comfort run it by telling him that a pack of blessings light upon thy back for what three things does your fryer say Romeo should be happy Romeo does not have to be killedJuliet is safeIf Romeo didn’t killed Tybalt Tibble would have killed Romeo
In act three scene for Lord and Lady Capulet and parents are unaware that Juliet is married to Romeo. What is their plan for Juliet They plan that Juliet in Paris will be married on Thursday
The actions of X one through 3 Takes Pl. in a very short period of time when scene 5 of act two begins how much time has passed since Romeo and Juliet were married One hour
Romeo has spent the night with Juliet but must leave around before dawn or he will lose his life. Julie speech it and lines 54 through 57 on page 339 for shutters the tragic events to come. What vision does Juliet see She sees Romeo in a tomb
And Juliet refuses to marry Paris what does the Lord Capulet threatened to do He threatened to throw Juliet out on the street
At the end of act three what does the nurse say or do that causes Juliet to call her a most wicked fiend The nurse tells her to forget about Romeo that he was a dishcloth and that he wasn’t that good of a husband anyway and to marry Paris because he is a fine man
When Act IV opens Paris has been arranging with fryer Lawrence for his wedding with Juliet why does Juliet come to your fryer cell To find a solution about marrying Paris. She goes for advice
According to fryer Lawrence’s plan what will Julia do so that she will not have to go through the marriage to Paris She has to fake her death by drinking a potion that last for 42 hours
How is Romeo supposed to find out about this plan Briar Lawrence sends fryer John to Romeo to tell him about the plan
According to fire Lawrences plan how will Romeo and Juliet be reunited Romeo will go get Juliet from the tomb
Insane to act for Lord and Lady Capulet are planning Juliet’s marriage to Paris what does Juliet say to her parents to to indicate that she agrees to marry Paris Hence forward I am ever ruled by you
List two things that Juliet worries about before she drinks the contents of the vial She might actually die. She could go crazy. Romeo will not come get her. Poison won’t work which means it will kill her. She will see ghosts when she wakes up
Well Juliet has been drinking fryer Lawrence is potion what have her father and others and the household been doing Preparing for the wedding
In act three scene five the audience know something important that the actors onstage do you know what is that the audience and seeing five knows that the nurse and lady in the Lord Capulet do not know That Julia is at actually alive and the whole entire plan and Juliet is not dead
X for begins with the planning of a religious ceremony in a celebration in the Capulet household this act ends with the planning of an entirely different ceremony and celebration what are these two strongly contrasting ceremonies Wedding to funeral
In your own words tell what the fryer says to come for the greeting Capulet’s and Paris He says that Julia is in a better place and that you should be happy for her
Act 5 by begins in Mantua where is Romeo has been living since his banishment what news of Juliet does romeos servant bring Run me a servant brings news that Julia is dead. Romeo is living in a house in Mantua
Insane to an act five we find out why Romeo did not receive a letter from friar Lawrence what is the reason the Bryars letter was not delivered to Romeo Friar John was in quarantine
And act five scene three what is Paris in the churchyard late at night He is trying to prepare a memorial service for Juliet
Heresies room is forced open the Capulet’s to what does he imagine Romeo intends to do Paris thinks that room you will do bad things to Juliet in the others. Dishonor the body
When Paris tries to restaurant ram you tries hard to avoid trouble of Paris how does Paris die Romeo stabs Paris
In act five scene three and Romeo marvelous and lines 92 through 105 what Juliet is still so fair and what is the audience know that Romeo doesn’t know That Juliet is still alive
When Julia wakes up she finds the fryer at her side what bad news does he tell her That Paris in Romeo is dead
What weapon does Juliet use her own death Romeos dagger
At the end of the play what effect does Romeo and Juliet’s deaths have on the feud between the Capulet Montague’s The feuding stops in Lord Capulet will build a gold statue of Romeo and lord Montague will build a gold statue of Juliet
What is a sonnet A sauna is a 14 lined pan one that has a rhyme scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. It has 10 syllables per lineand that is called iambic nentameter

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