Lesson 6 Macbeth

Exasperate (v) To irritate; to frustrate; to make angrySynonym: to vex, annoyAntonym: to conciliate; to soothe
Vanquish (v) To conquer; to overpowerSynonym: to dominate completely; defeat; suppressAntonym: to submit; to lose
Pernicious (adj) Very destructive or harmful; deadlySynonym: detrimental; deadlyAntonym: harmless; helpful
Diminutive (adj) SmallSynonym: tinyAntonym: large, huge
Voluptuous (adj) Pleasurable to the senses; sensuousSynonym: relating to sensuous gratification
Intemperance (n) Excess; inmoderationSynonym: lack of moderationAntonym: moderation
Scruples (n) Qualms; doubts; reservations; principlesSynonym: principlesAntonym: a lack of ethics
Abjure (v) To reject; to abandon formally; to renounceSynonym: recant; discard; repudiateAntonym: to attest; to state as true; to accept
Perturb (v) To disturb greatly; to throw into confusion; to disruptSynonym: to annoy; upset; disruptAntonym: to calm, to mollify, to keep order
Purge (v) To cleanse or free from impuritiesSynonym: purifyAntonym: sully
Knell (n) Sound of a funeral bell; omen of death or failureSynonym: the ringing of a bell
Deftly (adv) Skillfully; dexterouslySynonym: adroitly; able to do easilyAntonym: clumsily
Augment (v) To make great or supplementSynonym: to increase; to add toAntonym: diminish; decrease
Censure (v) To blame or condemn; to criticize severelySynonym: to criticize severely; to rebukeAntonym: to applaud
Chide (v) To scold; to express disapproval; to reprimand so as to improveSynonym: to chastise; admonishAntonym: to praise
RIbald (adj) Humorous in a vulgar waySynonym: licentious; relating to course or crude humorAntonym: morally inoffensive in humor
Flout (v) To treat contemptuously; to scornSynonym: to jeer; sneer; insult; scoffAntonym: to treat with respect
Husbandry (n) Careful, thrifty management; frugalitySynonym: careful management of resourcesAntonym: prodigality; lavish spending
Largess (n) Generous givingSynonym: munificence; liberality in givingAntonym: miserliness, stinginess
Caldron (n) A large kettleSynonym: a large vessel used for boiling
Nonpareil (adj) Having no equal; peerless/(n) A person with no equal
Parricide (n) The act of killing one’s father, mother, or other close relative
Niggard (n) An excessively parsimonious, miserly, or stingy person
Sundry (adj) Various or diverse
Credulous (adj) Willing to believe or trust too readily; guillible

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