Lesson 5 Macbeth

laudable (adj) worthy of praise
harbinger (n) thing that precedes and forecasts
peerless (adj) unequaled; not having a match
rapt (adj) deeply absorbed
chastise (v) to censure; scold
compunction (n) feeling of uneasiness caused by guilt or regret
adage (n) an old saying or proverb
palpable (adj) tangible; perceptible; easily noticeable
equivocate (v) to use vague or ambiguous language intentionally
posterity (n) future generations; all descendants of a person
oracle (n) person who foresees the future and gives advice
rancor (n) bitter, deep-seated ill-will; enmity
bounty (n) award; bonus
buffet (v) to strike repeatedly; to batter
incense (v) to infuriate; enrage
jovial (adj) jocular; playful; humorous
infirmity (n) disease; ailment
blanch (v) to take the color out of; to bleach or make white
spurn (v) to reject or refuse contemptuously; scorn
malevolence (n) ill-will or evil intentions
trammel (v) to hinder or restrict
scotch (v) to wound but not fatally
cleave (v) to split or cut; to adhere to
entrails (n) intestines; inner organs
dolor (n) sorrow; sadness
rapt synonym: engrossed; enraptured
compunction synonym: remorse; scruple; regret
oracle synonym: seer; wise person
harbinger synonym: forerunner; one that indicates what is to come
buffet synonym: to club or hurt
equivocate synonym: to avoid making an explicit statement; doubletalk
blanch synonym: to make pale; to whiten
incense synonym: to enrage; to infuriate
palpable synonym: perceptible
laudable synonym: commendable; praiseworthy
infirmity synonym: illness; malady; frailty; disability
bounty synonym: abundance
jovial synonym: merry; convivial
chastise synonym: to castigate; reprimand; criticize
rancor synonym: animosity; hostility
malevolence synonym: malice; malignity; spite
adage synonym: maxim
peerless synonym: superior to all others; unmatched
spurn synonym: to turn aside with hostility
posterity synonym: future generations
chastise antonym: to praise
jovial antonym: joyless; unhappy
rancor antonym: affection; kindness
laudable antonym: deserving censure; worthy or criticism
spurn antonym: embrace
bounty antonym: scarcity; punishment
palpable antonym: not easily perceived
rapt antonym: oblivious
infirmity antonym: strength; strong point; good health
posterity antonym: forebearers; ancestors
blanch antonym: to color
peerless antonym: common; average; ordinary
incense antonym: mollify; pacify; soothe
malevolence antonym: concern for the well being of others
equivocate antonym: to speak clearly
buffetted The winds _____ the sailors all last night during the storm.
equivocate Tell the truth directly, and do not attempt to _____.
malevolence The man’s _____ was obvious when he took his daughter out of his will.
blanched Some blue jeans look pale and _____.
palpable I do not see how I overlooked such a(n) _____ miscalculation.
rancor I was full of _____ toward the men who had killed my dog.
spurned The girl _____ the drunk’s advances by slapping him.
posterity The authors wanted to write a Declaration of Independence that would last for all _____.
laudable She gave a(n) _____ performance that was praised by all the critics.
harbinger Thick fur on a wooly worm is a(n) _____ of cold weather.
adage A popular _____ is “A penny saved is a penny earned.”
rapt Surprisingly, the normally wild child sat _____ during the classical music performance.
compunction Someone with no conscience is unlikely to suffer _____ for the pain he/she causes.
incensed The general became _____ when the officer failed to follow orders.
chastised The little girl was _____ for breaking the priceless vase.
peerless Hannah’s hard work and dedication have made her a(n) _____ officer.
bounty Despite the _____ of food in the U.S., some people are still hungry.
jovial The _____ woman entertained her grandchildren with games and jokes.
infirmities After suffering from several _____, she had run up large medical bills.
oracle Opal decided to consult a(n) _____ when she had trouble making the decision on her own.

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