Lady Macbeth essay plan

Cruel and ruthless -influences Macbeth through her ambition regardless of committing crime ‘fill me with direst cruelty’ -persuades Macbeth to murder KD with her dominating and cunning ways ‘look like th’innocent flow, be the serpent under’t’ (contrast/paradox/appearance vs reality)-driven by guilt and madness after KD murder ‘troubled with thick coming fancies’
Very ambitious -equal ambition to Macbeth, plans murder so Macbeth can be king-more ruthless than Macbeth and doubts his ability to murder ‘too full of milk of human kindness’-wants to have masculinity to carry out murder ‘unsex me here’ ‘direst cruelty’ (adjective)-manipulates Macbeth weaknesses/fears into killing KD ‘coward’ (adjective)
Clever and cunning -comes up with cruel and heartless idea/plot to kill KD-covers up the murder and faints when hearing the KD is dead, she is in control ‘give me the daggers’ (verb)-sorts out situation with Macbeth’s hallucinations with Banquo’s ghost ‘fit is momentary’ -appearance vs reality
Lady Macbeth shows gender and power -women were traditionally kinder and weaker than men-she thinks maternal instincts make women weak ‘come to my breast and take milk from my gal’-has a softer side as she herself did not want to kill KD ‘was like a father’
Guilt kills her -state of mind is opposite at the end, not confident but rambles ‘come, come, come’ (repetition)-guilt drives her mad and cause her to sleepwalk due to her mind being disturbed ‘great perturbation in nature’ (shocked)-cannot escape consequences as easily and how they remain ‘out damned spots!’ (metaphor/symbolism)
Relationship between the Macbeth’s -beginning it is loving and passionate ‘my dearest partner of greatness’-dominates Macbeth to being with and manipulates him whilst controlling the murder-Macbeth reveals less plans to LM and shes becomes anxious and lone where she cannot cope anymore

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